Cheapest Places In The World To Travel?

Bargain travel on a budget: 10 cheap, dream destinations

  • Turkey.
  • Belarus.
  • Cambodia.
  • Nepal.
  • India.
  • Vietnam.
  • Bolivia. The cheapest country in South America, Bolivia is a budget traveller’s dream.
  • Honduras. If you’ve always wanted to go to the Maldives but don’t fancy remortgaging, fret not.

What is the cheapest country to visit?

Here are the top 10 cheapest countries to travel this year!

  1. Indonesia.
  2. Mexico (one of the cheapest countries to visit for North Americans)
  3. India.
  4. Colombia.
  5. Cuba.
  6. Bulgaria.
  7. South Africa.
  8. Turkey.

Where can I travel for cheap?


  • Mexico, $40/day. Mexico is full of endless adventures.
  • Nicaragua, $35/day. Nicaragua is one of the cheapest Central American destinations to travel in, although it’s not likely to stay that way for much longer.
  • Guatemala, $38/day.
  • Colombia, $35/day.
  • Bolivia, $30/day.
  • Arizona & Utah (for a road trip!), $45/day.

What is the cheapest out of country vacation?

Here are the best global bargain vacations for right now:

  1. Mérida, Mexico. gappino—Getty Images/iStockphoto.
  2. Xi’an, China. Terracotta Army in Xian, China.
  3. Bali, Indonesia. Sunset at the Tanah Lot temple in Bali, Indonesia.
  4. Calgary, Canada.
  5. Tbilisi, Georgia.
  6. Prague, Czech Republic.
  7. Azores, Portugal.
  8. Jeju Island, South Korea.

Where is the cheapest place visit?

Check out the cheapest travel destinations this year.

  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This vibrant city has all the amenities of other countries.
  • Bali, Indonesia. Here is where you can enter the gateway to Heaven at Mount Lempuyang.
  • Chiang May, Thailand.
  • Guangzhou, China.
  • Agra, India.
  • Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Sri Lanka.
  • Washington, D.C.


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