FAQ: Disney Princess Enchanted Journey How To Unlock Belle?

Enchanted Journey

Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey is a 2007 video game released by Disney Interactive Studios for the PlayStation 2, Wii, and PC on October 16, 2007 (PS2) and November 7, 2007 (Wii/PC).


A girl discovers a pixie and a cursed castle in Gentlehaven, prompting her to embark on a quest to save the worlds of Princesses Ariel, Jasmine, Cinderella, and Snow White. After rescuing the princesses’ worlds, the girl meets Zara, an ex-princess.

Where can you play Disney Princess Enchanted Journey?

On Steam, you can play Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey.

What do you do with the gems in Disney Princess Enchanted Journey?

As players complete each world, a gem will shine in their avatar’s necklace, and their castle will become less run-down and more fixed up.

Who is Zara from Disney?

Zara is the main antagonist of Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey, and she is an ex-princess who was exiled from her kingdom, making her one of Disney’s few villainous princesses, despite the manual’s designation of her as a witch.

What year did Disney Princess Enchanted Journey come out?

16th of October, 2007

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