FAQ: How Many Months Was Marlow’s Journey In Heart Of Darkness?

Charlie Marlow Timeline in Heart of Darkness

Marlow purchased a steamboat with the Company to travel up the Congo and re-supply the ivory stations when he was a young man. After ten days, Marlow treks to the interior with a caravan of pilgrims and black slaves, traveling with the manager, the brickmaker, and black cannibals. Marlow feels out of place and cannot hide his contempt for ordinary people who haven’t traveled down the Congo.

How long did it take Marlow to make it to Kurtz?

Marlow learns about a guy named Kurtz, a top agent working in the interior, during his stay at this first station, and after ten days, he treks to the interior with a caravan of pilgrims and black slaves.

How long does it take Marlow to reach the mouth of the river?

How long does it take Marlow to travel from Europe to the Congo River’s mouth on a French steamer? It took Marlow 30 days to travel to the Congo River’s mouth.

What is Marlow’s mission in Heart of Darkness?

Marlow was hired as a steamboat captain between the outer stations and the interior by a Continental trading company, and his primary mission was to visit and, if necessary, retrieve the mysterious Kurtz, an extremely successful agent who had gone missing and reportedly fallen ill.

How long is Conrad’s Heart of Darkness?

Day 8/30: Read 144 pages in 77 minutes in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.

Why do the natives worship Kurtz?

The natives worship Kurtz as a demigod in Heart of Darkness, partly because of his personal charisma, but also because he possesses superior European technology that they have never seen before.

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What do the cannibals eat in Heart of Darkness?

The cannibals haven’t been allowed to go ashore to trade for supplies, and their only food, rotting hippo meat, has long since been thrown overboard by the pilgrims.

What does the Thames River symbolize in Heart of Darkness?

Remember that Marlow is telling us this story on a different river, the English Thames, which serves as a metaphor for the Congo. If the Thames serves as a metaphor for the Congo, then England serves as a metaphor for Africa, which means that… white men are like black men, with one key difference: white men used to be like black men.

Does Marlow get sick in Heart of Darkness?

Marlow succumbs to illness and comes dangerously close to death, but the worst part of his near-death experience is realizing that he will have u201cnothing to sayu201d in the end, whereas Kurtz was remarkable because he u201chad something to say.u201d

What does the Congo river symbolize in Heart of Darkness?

Because of this movement, rivers in literature frequently represent movement, as the Congo River does in Heart of Darkness, where it symbolizes movement and aids the characters and plot in moving forward.

Why does Kurtz say the horror?

Kurtz’s final wordsu2014u201cThe horror! More likely, these words reflect Kurtz’s failure to achieve his many lofty goals and fulfill his destiny, and he can’t help but utter in despair as the emptiness of his own life surrounds him.

What are the major themes in Heart of Darkness?


  • Madness as a Result of Imperialism.
  • The Absurdity of Evil.
  • Futility.
  • Contradiction and Ambivalence.
  • Hollowness.
  • Madness as a Result of Imperialism.
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What is the moral of Heart of Darkness?

Morality is presented as a unifying set of ideas in Heart of Darkness, where morality keeps society together and makes everyone equal, and it is the only thing that keeps chaos and destruction out of people’s lives.

What does Kurtz symbolize in Heart of Darkness?

Kurtz, one of the novel’s two main characters (the other being Marlow, the narrator), represents a number of symbols in the novel: first, he represents white people’s greed and commercial mentality, and second, he represents white men’s love of power.

Who is the main character of Heart of Darkness?

The protagonist of Heart of Darkness, Marlow.

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