FAQ: How To Determine Alignment Strange Journey?

How do I check my alignment?

I can’t seem to find anything in the menus to tell me how much law/chaos I am. Your name should change depending on your Alignment, just like demons. You can recruit demons regardless of their/your alignment on the Law/Neutral/Chaos scale.

How do I check my alignment in SMT Strange Journey?

Your alignment can be determined by the color of your name; if it is blue, you are Law, if it is white, you are Neutral, and if it is red, you are Chaos.

How does alignment work in strange journey?

A Light-aligned character is benevolent and selfless, while a Dark-aligned character is malevolent and selfish; Neutral characters are somewhere in the middle. A demon’s alignment is determined by its family; all demons in a family have the same alignment.

Does Devil Survivor have alignment?

Instead of having traditional alignments, Devil Survivor 2 has routes based on the quality of the star signs.

Does SMT 3 have alignments?

All Magatamas in the game can be light, dark, or neutral, so if the majority of the Magatamas you’ve mastered are dark, your character’s attribute and race will be dark as well.

How many endings does strange journey have?

Three different endings were available in the original Strange Journey, depending on the player’s alignment before a key moment near the end of the game; these endings are still available in Strange Journey Redux, but three new endings are also available if the player completes the Womb of Grief.

How many endings does SMT IV have?

Three of the four endings in Shin Megami Tensei IV are entirely based on Alignment, which is determined by the choices you make during several Main and Challenge Quests, while the fourth ending is a sort of bad ending for making the wrong choice near the end missions.

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How do I change my alignment in strange journey?

Q: Is there any way to change / manipulate my alignment? just west of the High Pixie who gives out Faerie Land EX Missions. Keep trying to talk to the goblin until you get dialogue options.

How many endings are in SMT Nocturne?

SMT Nocturne Endings: A Guide To All Six Video Game Endings

How many endings does SMT 1 have?

Persona has four endings in the original game: a good and a bad ending for both the main plot and the Snow Queen Quest.

How do you get the neutral ending in smt4?

When speaking with the White after Infernal Tokyo, choose “Destroy the status quo,” but don’t choose to become the True Messiah; instead, complete only the Challenge Quests that are required of you, or at least those that do not affect alignment.

How do you get the SMT 3 neutral ending?

Answer Cowardly to Aradia’s Questions in Yoyogi Park To unlock the neutral ending, you must answer cowardly to both of Aradia’s questions at the end of Yoyogi Park.

How do you get Gaea magatama?

The Gaea Magatama can be found in Mantra HQ, behind a heavy door that only a Demi-fiend with a base strength of 24 can open.

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