FAQ: How To Earn Materials On Junes Journey?

June’s Journey: What are Materials for and how do I get them? – Walkthroughs, Tips, Cheats and Guides for mobile games

Materials are used to construct and upgrade buildings in June’s Journey. Wood, hammer, and brick are very common and can be found in abundance while playing the game. Porcelain, copper, glass, terracotta, and marble are precious, rare, and difficult to come by.

Are there any cheats for June’s journey?

Are there any June’s Journey cheats? You can’t enter cheat codes anywhere in the game; these cheat codes aren’t even real cheat codes; they’re just a random string of numbers, letters, and characters that can’t be entered anywhere else in the game, so don’t waste your time with them.

How do you earn coins in Junes journey?

Get coins from the estate. The estate is the first thing you build when you start June’s Journey, and a coin icon will appear above it from time to time. Touch it to get coins, and repeat until you have collected the specified amount.

What is the best strategy for June’s journey?

June’s Travel Guide: 5 Tricks and Cheats for More Puzzle Solving

  1. Think Outside The Box.
  2. Take Note Of Objects.
  3. How To Get A High Score.
  4. When In Doubt, Tap Around.
  5. When In Doubt, Tap Around.

Are there bots in June’s journey?

Also, because bots can’t’see’ images, we can’t use them in the game; however, these scores are attainable with practice!

How do I get more flowers in Junes journey?

To earn more Flowers and raise your Flower level, you must improve Orchid Island by building or upgrading buildings, decorating landmarks with decorations, or renovating landmarks.

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Does June end up with Jack in June’s journey?

Jack and June met in Paris shortly after the war ended and began a short-lived relationship; they remained best friends, but his love for her never died, and they got together for “a serious relationship” after she confessed her love to him.

How many levels does it take to unlock the lighthouse in June’s journey?

Landmarks are large buildings on your island that take time to upgrade; the Lighthouse is the first one you’ll come across, and each one requires around 20 levels of upgrades; renovating them is a long-term investment, but it will reward you with a lot of flowers and help you solve this case.

How do you get stars in Junes journey?

Earn Stars by replaying Hidden Object Scenes. You can earn up to 5 Stars per scene by replaying the scene multiple times. As you earn more Stars, the Adventure Scene at the end of the chapter unlocks.

How do you get free energy in June’s journey?

There are a few options for getting more:

  1. Energy regenerates 1 unit of Energy every 2 minutes until your bar is full.
  2. Energy refills can be purchased in the Shop.
  3. Energy is occasionally awarded in Star Boxes.
  4. Bonus Energy is occasionally awarded after playing a Hidden Object Scene.

Who is the killer in June’s journey?

Sam Watts is a character in June’s Journey who is an FBI agent investigating the murders of Clare and Harry van Buren.

What do the keys mean in June’s journey?

You’ll find keys in Help Wanted challenges this weekend, but they won’t be earned by playing normal scenes this time; instead, they’ll be earned by completing a task from the newspaper icon at the bottom of your home screen.

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How do you cheat on spot the difference?

However, there is a “mental hack” (or cheat) you can use to spot the differences almost instantly: resize the images to the point where you can lean back, cross your eyes (as if it were a Magic Eye image), and make the two images converge as one.

What is the permanent extended energy bar in June’s journey?

The extended Energy Bar is a one-time offer in the Energy Shop that permanently increases the capacity of your Energy Bar to 150 Energy instead of 110, while maintaining the same RATE of refilling. When you purchase the extended bar, you will also receive a 3x refill (450 Energy total) as a one-time bonus.

What does it mean to join a club in June’s journey?

You can officially become a group of full-fledged Detectives by inviting your favorite players and Facebook friends into a Detective Club. When you’re in a Detective Club together, you can chat, share rounds of drinks, and even compete in club-specific competitions!

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