FAQ: The Trail Frontier Journey How To Sell House?

The Trail Game: No House in Eden Falls? Here’s What to Do!

There is a fix for missing housing options in The Trail: A Frontier Journey. If you still can’t find a free house in Eden Falls after returning to your previous Camp, try again.

How do you sell furniture on the trail?

Frontier Challenge: The Trail

  1. Click the “i” information button on the right. Click the “Sell” button on the right.

How do you go home on the trail?

You can leave the town and return to traveling at any time by tapping on the trail button at the bottom of the settlement menu or dragging to the far right of your town, where an option to exit will appear.

How do you upgrade your house on the trail?

House Upgrades After purchasing your house, click and enter it. At the bottom of your screen, you’ll see which items are required to upgrade it, as well as the benefits you’ll receive if you upgrade. If you click the Upgrade button, you’ll be taken to a crafting screen where you can complete the upgrade.

How do you run the trail game?

Drag up or down to control your character’s walking speed; drag up to make him walk fast/run.

How do you get chits in the trail?

When you reach Eden Falls, craft enough fur, feathers, and hats to fill a crate in the warehouse and get 2.5 times the base value. You’ll need a private chest to store all fur, feathers, and hats until you have enough to fill a crate.

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Is there an end to the trail game?

Players reveal their poker hands at the end of the game, and the player who has the best poker hand wins another claim, allowing them to place their fourth and final prospector’s tent on a land tile. At the end of the game, all hidden values are revealed, and players add up the gold from their various claims.

Why is my pack red the trail?

Red indicates that you will not make it to camp before running out of energy; yellow indicates that you are running out of time and may not be able to pick up additional items along the way; and green indicates that you are ready to go!

How many levels are in the trail game?

The game is divided into nine levels, which you can select from the start menu. The level you choose determines how long you’ve been on the trail, how many steers you have, how many shots you have, and how many wranglers and rustlers you have to eliminate.

How do you eat food in the game the trail?

Tap and hold your finger on the food you want to eat to bring up the context menu, which will have two icons: one to examine the food and one to eat it. Tap the eating icon to eat your food and restore your stamina.

How do you craft things in the trail?

To craft an item, simply place the required items on top of the guide items; for example, to craft your boots, simply place three furs from your bag on top of the three furs on the craft screen; hope this helps!

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Where is Eden Falls in the trail?

Lower Eden Falls is the jewel of the Lost Valley Trail at Buffalo National River near Ponca, AR, plunging 53 feet to the bottom of the box canyon to form Clark Creek, a tributary of the Buffalo River.

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