Have Gun Will Travel Full Episodes?

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Have Gun Will Travel No of episodes?

The star helmed 28 episodes of Have Gun – Will Travel.

What episode of Genesis has Gun Will Travel?

Have Gun– Will Travel. The last season’s first episode, “Genesis,” finally told the story of Paladin’s origin. In flashback, we see that a somewhat callow Paladin-To-Be has incurred a huge gambling debt.

Have Guns Will Travel episodes Youtube?

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Have Gun – Will Travel Season 3 Episode 17 by NSK Have Gun – Will Travel
Have Gun Will Travel – Season 1 Episode 11: Richard Boone (1957–1963) by inmyheart
Have Gun Will Travel Season 5 Episode 18 by inmyheart
Have Gun Will Travel Season 6 Episode 13 Penelope by inmyheart

96 more rows

Have Gun Will Travel Episode The Walking years?

The Walking Years. A letter from a friend brings Paladin to a bar where he’s drugged. He wakes up chained and in the company of a man with a similar story and a woman who’s path they’ve both crossed before.

Will a gun schedule travel?

Saturdays at 8 AM & AM. A Western series with an unusual twist, ‘Have Gun – Will Travel’ follows the adventures of gentleman gun-for-hire Paladin (Richard Boone), a man of refined tastes and rich education.

Has Gun Will Travel remake?

CBS has put in development Have Gun – Will Travel, a reboot of the 1957 CBS Western drama, to be penned by writer/director/playwright David Mamet. Mamet is set to direct the potential pilot, which will be produced by CBS TV Studios.

What is the origin of have a Gun Will Travel?

Etymology. Early 1900s. Popularized by a 1950s radio and TV show Have Gun—Will Travel, in which the main character, Paladin, carried a business card with the phrase “HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL”.

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Who is the star of Have Gun Will Travel?

Richard Boone

How many seasons was Have Gun Will Travel on?


Have Gun Will Travel a matter of ethics?

A Matter of Ethics. Paladin secures some ill feelings when he hires his gun to an accused murderer, but may have to fight an altogether unexpected foe in order to keep the terms of his contract.

Have Guns Will Travel Winchester quarantine cast?

Cast & Crew

  • Richard Boone. Paladin.
  • Anthony Caruso. Joseph Whitehorse.
  • Carol Thurston. Martha Whitehorse.
  • Leo Gordon. Clyde McNally.
  • Don Keefer. Rancher Kelso.
  • Robert Karnes. Joe Peavey.
  • Vic Perrin. Pharmicist Rheinhart.
  • Rocky Shahan. Stage Driver.

Has Gun Will Travel Old Time Radio?

Have Gun Will Travel was a Western Adventure radio show that started on ABC on November 1958, just a year after its television version aired. At first, the scripts for the radio show were derived from that of the television show, making the episodes in sync with one another.

Who starred in have guns will travel the walking years?

Cast (in credits order)

Richard Boone Paladin
Elen Willard Mollie Dean
Jacqueline Wilson Alice
Hal Needham Wiggen – Wagonmaster
Sandy Donigan Lula – Innocence (as Satenig Donigan)

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