Home Based Travel Agent Host Agencies?

What is a host agency for travel agents?

Host agencies are businesses that affiliate with home-based travel agents in an independent-contractor agreement. Each home-based agent is still 100% the owner and operator of their business, and they are not employees of their host agency at all.

Can you make money as a home based travel agent?

The Obvious Ways Travel Agents Make MoneyThe most obvious way a home-based travel agent, or any travel agent for that matter, makes money is through commissions on sales the agent has generated. There are many ways to insure you are maximizing your commission income in a host agency relationship.

How do I become an independent travel agent from home?

How to Start a Successful Independent Travel Agency

  • Connect with a Host Agency. One of the best tips is to connect with a host agency to begin a career as an independent travel agent.
  • Make Sure You Get the Necessary Training.
  • Develop a Niche Market.
  • Become the Expert.
  • Give Your Customers the Service You Want for Yourself.

Do I need a host travel agency?

Choosing a Host AgencyBecause individuals do not require travel agency experience to be an independent travel agent, there are hundreds of companies that offer to be host agencies for beginners. 91 percent of independent travel agents say they split commissions with a host agency, according to the ASTA and NACTA.Travel

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