How Are Disney Travel Agents Paid?

How do Disney Travel Agents get paid? The value of the vacation package that an agent books for a customer determines the commission an agent receives from Disney. After the travel agency has received the payment directly from Disney, it will then distribute the commission to the specific travel agent who was responsible for booking the vacation.

How much do travel agents make a month?

The typical commission for a travel agent who books one holiday package each month is between $200 and $300. This is due to the fact that the typical cost of a package at Walt Disney World is between $3,500 and $4,000, while the cost of a package at Disneyland in Southern California ranges between $2,500 and $3,500.

How much do Disney agents get paid?

When it comes to Disney, an agency may normally anticipate receiving 10 percent across the board, however there are a few exceptions to this rule. You are going to bring in a sum that is somewhat less than this when you operate as an agent for an agency. Why? mainly due to the fact that the majority of agencies keep around half of your commission for themselves.

What is it like to be a Disney Travel Agent?

  1. When you become a travel agent for Disney, you will be expected to act as a representative of the company for which you work.
  2. You will be held to high standards of friendliness and generosity, while simultaneously being expected to maintain a professional demeanor and take your work seriously.
  3. For some of our clients, this trip may be their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the holiday of their dreams; thus, they have put in a lot of effort and saved their money for a very long time in order to make it possible.
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How do I pay for my Disney World vacation?

  1. Your funds should be expeditiously and directly forwarded to Disney by the agency.
  2. If you provide them with a credit card number, Disney will likely handle the processing of your card payment.
  3. Checks should be written out to Disney and not to the agency if payment is being sent that way.
  4. The payments are handled in this manner through the travel agency that comes highly recommended by our team, Small World Vacations.

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