How Dose Light Travel?

  1. Light moves through space like waves.
  2. These are called transverse waves and they are similar to the ripples that form in a body of water.
  3. The direction of vibration in the waves is perpendicular to the path that the light travels, at an angle of ninety degrees.
  4. Because light travels in straight lines, you should always use a ruler whenever you need to portray a beam of light in a drawing.
  5. Light travels in straight lines.

How does light travel in waves?

Light moves through space like waves. Rays of light are unable to bend in order to get around an object. Light rays can either be refracted, reflected, or absorbed during this process. Watch this video out for yourself.

How fast does light travel?

It takes around five seconds for it to go one mile. But keep in mind that in just one second, light travels 186,000 kilometers! How does light go through space? The specific mechanism behind the movement of light was a mystery to scientists for a very long time. They discovered that sound moved in waves, but the movement of light remained a bit of a mystery to them.

What does light need to travel?

Light, in contrast to sound, does not require any assistance in order to travel. You have to understand that sound cannot travel unless there is some kind of material to carry it along. It requires the air, the water, or even the wood in order to get somewhere, which is why, if you put your ear to the wall, you can hear people chatting in the room next to you.

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