How Far Do Elk Travel In A Day?

How far will an elk travel in a day?

You can easily walk 7 to 10 miles a day if you take your time and move along, looking for sign as you go.

SEEK SECURE COVER: Locate security terrain that elk use to evade hunters.

I’ve found that animals will go to the densest cover they can find when hunting pressure is heavy.

How far do elk range?

About 80 miles away in thicker country they barley move off 1 mile after a good spoke. Then another range 100miles away they travel dozens of miles a day to migrate to a HUGE game range and then stay put. Long story short get to know the elk that you are hunting.

How far away can an elk smell you?

There are WAY too many variables to be able to accurately say how far away an elk can smell you. This probably varies anywhere between 100 yards and a mile.

Where do elk go during the day?

During the day, hunt in jungles of lodgepole pine or second-growth Douglas fir. In warm weather, look for elk to bed high on north slopes where timber is thick but breezes keep flies at bay. Elk like to forage in the open, mostly early and late in the day.Travel

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