How Long Does It Take To Travel To The Sun?

The sun is around 93 million miles away from the earth on average, and it would take 1,430,769 hours to go there at 65 miles per hour.If you drove at 65 miles per hour, it would take you 59,615 days to get there.It would take 163 years to go there from where I am now.It would be more expedient to simply fly to the sun: If you flew at 550 miles per hour, it would take 169,090 hours to get there.

How long would it take a spacecraft to reach the Sun?

It is dependent on the spacecraft – the Sun is 93 million miles distant and cannot be seen. Voyager 1 travels at a speed of approximately 38,000 miles per hour, give or take. In other words, excluding acceleration and deceleration, it would take around 100 days to reach the Sun.

How fast does light travel from the sun to Earth?

Light travels at a speed of 299,792 kilometers per second (186,287 miles per second), or 299,792 kilometers per second.Light travels from the Sun to the Earth over a distance of 1 Astronomical Unit, which is 499.0 seconds, or 499.0 seconds every second.I’ve listed the light travel periods from the Sun to each planet in the table below: When traveling across the world, consider the distance between planets.

How long does it take to travel through the Solar System?

This takes around 8 minutes for a static observer (or as close to a static observer as you can find anywhere in the Solar System). For example, if you zip through the Solar system at a tremendous velocity relative to the Sun, you could find that, measured in your reference frame, the distance between the Sun and the Earth is less.

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How many miles away is the Sun?

The Sun is located 92.956 million miles distant from Earth. Apollo 10, the world’s fastest human spacecraft, went at a speed of 24,790 miles per hour. It would take around 156 days for the spacecraft to reach the Sun at such speed.

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