How Long Was The Journey From Egypt To Rephidim?

Battle of Refidim

The Battle of Rephidim, as described in the Bible, was a battle between the Israelites and Amalek that took place while the Israelites were on their way to the Promised Land.

Battle according to the Bible

The Battle of Rephidim (Exodus 17:8u201313) was the first of several battles between the Amalekites and the Israelites, which Moses encouraged his people to fight and placed under Joshua’s leadership. When Moses became tired, his closest relatives held up his hands for support, according to the Bible.


The Amalekites, who lived in the northern Sinai Peninsula and the Negev, attempted to prevent the Israelites from reaching Rephidim, but the clash resulted in the intruders gaining access to the oasis.


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How many days did it take the Israelites to go from Egypt to Mt Sinai?

Moses, according to the biblical account, went to the mountain and stayed there for 40 days and nights in order to receive the Ten Commandments, which he did twice because he broke the first set of stone tablets after returning from the mountain the first time.

Where is rephidim today?

Another possible location for Rephidim is in northwestern Saudi Arabia, near the town of al-Bad, the ancient city of Midian; some researchers believe Mount Sinai was not in the Sinai Peninsula, but rather in Midian, which is modern-day Saudi Arabia, and thus Rephidim was also located there.

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How long would it take to walk from Egypt to Canaan?

Egypt is approximately 8482 kilometers from Canaan, so if you travel at a constant speed of 50 kilometers per hour, you will arrive in Canaan in 169.65 hours.

How far was the journey from Egypt to the Promised Land?

The total straight line distance between Egypt and Canaan is 8482 KM (kilometers) and 583.09 meters, while the miles-based distance is 5270.8 miles.

What does rephidim mean?

Rephidim (Hebrew: ) is one of the places visited by the Israelites during the biblical account of the Exodus from Egypt. The Israelites, led by Moses, have arrived from the wilderness of Sin, and are unable to find water to drink. They demand angrily that Moses provide them with water.

Who attacked the Israelites at Rephidim?

“Choose some of our men and go out to fight the Amalekites,” Moses told Joshua when the Amalekites attacked the Israelites at Rephidim.

What is Kadesh Barnea in the Bible?

Kadesh, or Kadesh Barnea, is a biblical oasis located south of Canaan, west of the Arabah, and east of the Brook of Egypt, 11 days’ march from Horeb via Mount Seir (Deuteronomy 1:2). By the late nineteenth century, as many as eighteen sites for biblical Kadesh had been proposed.

How far was a day journey in Bible times?

A day’s journey is a measurement of distance in pre-modern literature, including the Bible, ancient geographers, and ethnographers such as Herodotus. It is not as precisely defined in the Bible as other Biblical measurements of distance; the distance has been estimated between 32 and 40 kilometers (20u201325 miles).

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What is Canaan called today?

The land known as Canaan was located in the southern Levant, which today includes Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, Jordan, and the southern portions of Syria and Lebanon, and was known as “Canaan” at the time.

Is Egypt in Canaan?

Canaan was the name of a large and prosperous ancient country located in the Levant region of modern-day Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Israel (at times independent, at others a tributary of Egypt).

What does 40 mean in the Bible?

Christianity. Before his temptation, Jesus fasted “forty days and forty nights” in the Judean desert (Matthew 4:2, Mark 1:13, Luke 4:2). Forty days was the period between Jesus’ resurrection and ascension (Acts 1:3).

How many years were the Israelites in Egypt?

Exodus 12:40-41 attempts to place the exodus in historical context by dating it to the 2666th year after creation, the construction of the tabernacle to the year 2667 (Exodus 40:1-2, 17), stating that the Israelites lived in Egypt for 430 years (Exodus 12:40-41), and including place names.

How many miles is Canaan from Egypt?

Egypt and Canaan are separated by 8482 kilometers (kilometers) and 583.09 meters in a straight line. The miles based distance between Egypt and Canaan is 5270.8 miles.

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