How Many Miles A Second Does Sound Travel?

  1. The speed of sound may be defined as the amount of distance that is covered in a given amount of time when a sound wave travels through an elastic material.
  2. At a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit), the speed of sound in air is approximately 343 meters per second (1,125 feet per second; 1,235 kilometers per hour; 767 miles per hour; 667 kilonewtons), which is equal to one kilometer in 2.9 seconds or one mile in 4.7 seconds.
  1. There is no variation in the speed of sound as it travels through the atmosphere; rather, this speed is always proportional to the average temperature.
  2. When circumstances are static at sea level, the speed of sound is around 760 miles per hour, which translates to 1100 feet per second.
  3. With this information, we should be able to get a good approximation of the distance from which a lightning strike happened.

How fast does sound travel through air?

Sound travels at a speed of around 1,129 feet (344 meters) per second in air at a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit (22.2 degrees Celsius). This is roughly similar to traveling one-fifth of a mile in one second, or traveling one mile in five seconds (or one kilometer in about three seconds).

How long does it take sound to travel 1 mile?

Lightning moves far quicker than thunder, which moves at the speed of sound, which is around 1088 feet per second. A distance of one mile is traversed by sound in approximately five seconds.

How far sound can travel in a second?

Around 332 meters per second is the maximum speed at which sound can travel through air. This is quick, but it is not even close to being as quick as the speed of light, which is 300,000 kilometers per second.

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How fast is sound in 10 seconds?

The average speed of sound in air is around 750 miles per hour. This is an oversimplification since the real speed of sound changes depending on the temperature and the pressure of the air. But let’s say 750mph. Therefore, the distance that sound travels in ten seconds is equal to 750 divided by 360, which is 2.083 miles.

How far is sound in 15 seconds?

The distance in miles to the lightning may be calculated by counting the number of seconds that pass between the flash of lightning and the sound of the thunder, then dividing that number by 5. Here is how to do it: 5 seconds is equal to one mile, 15 seconds is equal to three miles, and 0 seconds is equal to extremely near.

How fast does light travel?

Light That Moves Light coming from a source that is moving likewise travels at a speed of 300,000 kilometers per second (186,000 miles per second).

How quick is the speed of sound?

When we take into account the atmosphere on an average day at sea level under static conditions, the speed of sound is around 761 miles per hour, which is equal to 1100 feet per second.

How fast is the speed of sound underwater?

Sound travels more quickly through water than it does through air. Under normal circumstances, the speed of sound in air is around 343 meters per second, but the speed of sound in water is approximately 1,480 meters per second. Standard sound is, at its most fundamental level, a compression wave that travels through a material.

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What FPS is speed of sound?

In particular, the contemporary figure for the speed of sound in dry air at a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit) is 331.29 meters per second (1,086.9 feet per second).

What Mach speed breaks the sound barrier?

At sea level, the speed equals roughly 770 miles per hour or 1,239 kilometers per hour.

Where sound waves Cannot travel?

The vibrations are capable of penetrating solids, liquids, and gases alike. The speed at which sound travels is influenced by the material it is passing through. Sound waves move at a speed of around 330 meters per second (m/s) while they are moving through air. A vacuum does not allow for the transmission of sound since there are no particles present to convey the vibrations.

Does sound move faster in water?

The distance that sound waves travel is mostly determined by the temperature and pressure of the ocean, despite the fact that sound waves travel through water at a far quicker pace than they do through air.

What is the speed of light vs sound?

Sound travels through air at a speed of roughly 340 meters per second on average. It travels through water more quickly, and steel even more quickly than water. Light will move at a speed of 300 million meters per second when it is traveling in a vacuum. Therefore, they are not even somewhat comparable scales.

How fast can sound travel 10 miles?

Table showing the conversion from the speed of sound to miles per hour

Speed Of Sound Miles Per Hour
8 sound 6,138 mph
9 sound 6,905 mph
10 sound 7,673 mph
11 sound 8,440 mph
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What is the speed of sound in vacuum?

Because sound is a mechanical wave, it can only travel through certain mediums. Since there is no atmosphere present in a vacuum, there is also no medium that can be found in a vacuum. In other words, the speed of sound in a vacuum is exactly the same as zero.

How far does sound travel in 24 seconds?

  1. How far can sound travel in a period of twenty-four seconds?
  2. As can be seen, the speed of sound varies depending on the temperature and the humidity; nevertheless, if you want a round number, then something like 350 meters per second and 1,200 feet per second are fair quantities to use.
  3. Clearly, the speed of sound varies.

Therefore, sound can reach one kilometer in around three seconds and one mile in approximately five seconds.

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