How Many Seats Does A 2012 Journey Have?

2012 Dodge Journey Review, Ratings, Specs, Prices, and Photos

The 2012 Dodge Journey comes with very few changes included, or needed. Good-looking crossover walks a smart line between blocky SUVs and tall wagons. Basic four-cylinder engine with 173 horsepower paired to a four-speed automatic. Fuel economy struggles to beat out the more desirable V-6.

Does Dodge Journey have 7 seats?

The Dodge Journey, a three-row CUV that offered plenty of room for cargo and passengers, accompanied countless families on carpools, grocery runs, and road trips over the years. Production of the four-door, seven-passenger CUV ceased in 2020.

Does Dodge Journey have 3rd row seating?

The three-row Journey has seating for up to seven people and comes standard with cloth upholstery and manually adjustable front seats. The first two rows are spacious, but the third row is cramped, so only smaller passengers should sit there.

Does 2013 Dodge Journey have 3rd row seating?

The 2013 Dodge Journey mid-size SUV has a flush-folding third-row seat and sliding second-row seats that make access to the third-row seat easier.

How many seats does a 2013 Dodge Journey have?

The base Journey seats five passengers, but all trims offer an optional third-row seat that increases seating capacity to seven. Most reviewers agree that the first and second rows of the 2013 Journey provide ample space for adults and children alike.

Which 7 seater SUV is best?

The Top 10 7-Passenger SUVs

  • 2021 Audi Q7. $54,950. 69.9. 7,700.
  • 2021 BMW X7. $74,900. 90.4. 5,950.
  • 2021 Cadillac XT6. $52,695. 78.7. 4,000.
  • 2021 Dodge Durango. $31,995. 5, 6, or 7. 85.1.
  • 2021 Infiniti QX80. $69,050. 95.1. 8,500.
  • 2021 Lexus GX. $53,250. 7 or 8.
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Is the Dodge Journey discontinued?

After discontinuing the Grand Caravan minivan, Dodge has announced that the Journey will be discontinued after the 2020 model year.

Is Dodge Journey a good SUV?

Is the Dodge Journey a Good SUV? No, the Dodge Journey isn’t a good midsize SUV. Its low starting price and simple infotainment system are the only things it has going for it; in almost every other category, it falls short of its peers.

Are they making a 2021 Dodge Journey?

The Dodge Journey, on the other hand, will be discontinued in 2020, after being introduced in 2009. This long-running midsize SUV will not be returning in 2021, as part of Dodge’s efforts to update and revitalize its lineup, focusing more on its iconic performance vehicles.

Is Dodge Journey a van or SUV?

Is the Dodge Journey a van or a crossover? The Dodge Journey is a crossover, which has the same structure as a van but the capabilities of an SUV. It has the seating capacity of a van but the towing capacity and power of an SUV.

What problems do 2013 Dodge Journeys have?

It has a lack of agility, poor fuel economy from the optional 3.6-liter V6, a sluggish transmission, and a cramped third-row seat, as well as poor IIHS small overlap crash-test results and low owner satisfaction.

How many miles can a 2013 Dodge Journey last?

Subject to regular maintenance, the Dodge Journey can last for 150,000 to 200,000 miles on average, with some users reporting 200,000 miles on their Journeys. If you drive 15,000 miles per year, you could get 10 to 15 years out of your Dodge Journey.

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Does the 2013 Dodge Journey have backup camera?

A 4.3-inch touch-screen infotainment system with USB and auxiliary ports is standard, and optional features include Bluetooth, a rear-seat entertainment system, leather upholstery, rear parking sensors, navigation, a rearview camera, and an 8.4-inch touch-screen infotainment system.

Does the Dodge Journey have transmission problems?

A problem with the lockup control valve or the TCC accumulator has been reported in the transmissions of the 2017 Dodge Journey. One such problem occurs when you put your car in drive or reverse, causing the car to jerk or shake.

What is the bolt pattern on a 2013 Dodge Journey?

Replaceu00ae 17″ Double 5-Spoke Alloy Factory Wheel for Dodge Journey 2013, Size: 17″ x 6.5″. Bolt Pattern: 5 x 127mm.

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