How Much Does The Bahamas Travel Health Visa Cost?

Instructions and an Application for a Health Visa for the Bahamas Call the Bahamas Health Visa helpdesk at +1 (242) 604-7200 for information regarding your health. Because this is an international number, most carriers in the United States will charge you between $3 and $5 per minute to use it unless you have an international calling plan.

Why does it cost $40 to travel to the Bahamas?

  • ″The cost of the travel health insurance that is required by the Bahamian government for every tourist who comes into the nation is included in that,″ which states that the cost of the insurance is included.
  • Therefore, the cost of that includes the insurance premiums as well as the administrative fees.
  • They won’t have to spend any money on getting a quick antigen test.
  • Therefore, this is the reason why their price is $40.

Do I need travel insurance for the Bahamas?

Although acquiring travel insurance is not required in the Bahamas, it is strongly suggested that visitors do so. Those planning a trip to the Bahamas typically inquire about health insurance due to the fact that they are most concerned about the possibility of being ill or injured while there.

Is the bthv the same as a standard Bahamas visa?

The Bahamas Tourist Homestay Visa (BTHV) is not an alternative to the ordinary Bahamas visa because it is not the same thing. In addition to applying for the Health Visa online, citizens of nations that require a standard visa to enter the Bahamas must submit an application for a normal visa at an embassy or consulate of the Bahamas.

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Do I have to pay for the Bahamas travel visa?

  • You are not required to make any payments toward your Bahamas Travel Visa until such time as your application is accepted.
  • Following successful payment, you will then be given your visa, which is in the form of a QR code.
  • Many tourists have informed us that the approval of their visas has been delayed for more than four days, which is close to 110 hours.
  • In these kinds of circumstances, you should get in touch with the Bahamas Travel Compliance Unit at this number: (242) 502-0829.

How to get a Bahamas Health visa?

  1. Passport That Is Still Current And Has More Than Six Months Left On It All visa applicants are required to have a passport that is still current and has more than six months left on it, in addition to a return ticket.
  2. 2 photographs suitable for use in passports, with a white backdrop
  3. A letter of employment or a business license
  4. An authentic letter or statement of reference from the bank
  5. Police report
  6. Itinerary for the hotel and cruise
  7. Itinerary and ticket copy for the flight
  8. A copy of the letter of invitation to the meeting

How long does it take to travel to the Bahamas?

  • It takes ten minutes to travel in one direction, and the view of the bay is beautiful along the route.
  • This is the national airline of the Bahamas, and the majority of its customers are tourists and frequent fliers who prioritize minimizing their time lost in transit over saving money.
  • Lynden Pindling International Airport in Nassau is one of several airports around the out islands that are serviced by Bahamas Air.
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Who needs visas to enter the Bahamas?

– Present a fresh image – Deliver supporting documentation – Pay the required fee for the visa

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