How To Make Travel Interesting 5E?

You may also make travel more interesting by skipping the boring sections of a trip during which nothing interesting happens and instead focusing on the more challenging parts of the journey by use of a skill challenge.Skill challenges, a new feature introduced in D&D 4e, are an excellent method for increasing the stakes of travel.These challenges combine a brief story with skill rolls in order to determine the winner.

How do you make travel interesting?

If you want travel to be exciting, first and foremost, there have to be useful options for the players to make along the journey. Only then will it be engaging. This is not available on a path that follows a straight line and consists of random encounters with hostile NPCs.

Is there a wilderness travel supplement for D&D 5e?

The topic of traveling through the wilderness has traditionally been covered in D&D rules supplements, of which there are numerous accessible on DMs Guild (for example, The Forest – Exciting Encounters 1 was the first 5E-specific result of a quick search for such a supplement). Display any recent activity on this post.

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