How To Stabilize A Parked Travel Trailer?

In order to provide your travel trailer or recreational vehicle with the level of stability it requires, you will need to support the trailer’s structure directly from the ground. This is achieved by installing four to six stabilizing jacks in close proximity to the trailer’s corners, each of which is hooked directly to the trailer’s frame.

The most effective method to stop your travel trailer from rocking is to use a combination of leveling jacks, stabilizers, and wheel chocks. Leveling jacks minimize up and down motion, stabilizers reduce side to side motion, and wheel chocks reduce any movement of the tires.

What to do if your RV does not have rear stabilizers?

Your initial move should be to install rear stabilizers in your RV if it does not already have them. These Eaz-Lift scissor jacks will make a significant improvement once they have been mounted to the frame of your RV in a matter of a couple of hours. Keep in mind that stabilizer jacks should not be used for leveling your RV because its sole purpose is to STABILIZE the vehicle.

When do you use stabilizer jacks on a trailer?

  • After the wheels of your trailer have been chocked and the trailer has been leveled front to rear and side to side, you may next employ stabilizing jacks.
  • When you walk inside your rig while the trailer is attached, stabilizing jacks will help limit the amount of movement caused by the trailer since they only support a very tiny fraction of the total weight of the trailer.
  • How to make the most of your RV’s stabilizer jacks
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How do you stabilize an RV with jacks?

Put chocks on the RV’s wheels before lowering the jacks so that the vehicle will be stable when you do lower the jacks. Although there are many who believe that a single chock is sufficient, our recommendation is to use two of them, one in front and one in behind of each tire.

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