How To Travel Interisland Hawaii?

  1. Air travel is at this point the sole option for getting from one island to another in Hawaii.
  2. You will need to arrange a trip on one of the few carriers that offer service between the islands, and because there is little competition in this market, the prices of the flights can be rather high.
  3. At this time, you should plan on spending around $80 for a flight that is one way, with additional costs for any checked bags.

How much do interisland flights cost?

These flights between islands are often shorter than one hour in the air, and if you buy your ticket far enough in advance, you can get it for as little as $69 for a one-way trip.

Which airline has the cheapest interisland flights in Hawaii?

  1. Additional details on the inter-island travel plan offered by Hawaiian Airlines Mokulele (website) is the airline with the lowest fares, however due to the fact that the distances between the islands are so short, the price variations are never really that evident.
  2. Important information on the COVID-19 policies of Mokulele Airlines.
  3. More than 120 flights are operated every day by Mokulele between the various Hawaiian islands.

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