Is Cuba Safe To Travel To?

Is it safe to visit Cuba 2019?

Once you do, feel free to message one of our Cuban trip planners with any questions. It is still 100% legal for Americans to travel to Cuba. (However, as of October 2019, Americans can only fly into Havana.) For more information, check out these Cuba travel policy updates or keep reading for more information.

Is Havana dangerous for tourists?

Dangers & Annoyances. Havana is not a dangerous city, especially when compared to other metropolitan areas in North and South America. There is almost no gun crime, violent robbery, organized gang culture, teenage delinquency, drugs or dangerous no-go zones.

What should I avoid in Cuba?

If you want your stay to remain peaceful, here are some things you should never, ever do when visiting in Cuba.

  • Don’t talk about politics.
  • Don’t stay in the orange casa particulares.
  • Don’t work on a tourist visa.
  • Don’t take photos of police or soldiers.
  • Don’t be shy.
  • Don’t get confused by the two currencies.

Is Cuba safe to travel with family?

All world authorities excluding The White House consider Cuba a safe place to travel. Of course like all cities, there are pick pockets in the city, especially at night time. Exercising usual precautions of safety is the best way to tackle the issue.

Can you still go to Cuba 2020?

Here’s the Scoop in 2020. Yes! You can travel to Cuba as an American–even in light of the most recent travel restrictions. (The most recent just means that Americans can only fly into Havana.)

How expensive is Cuba?

Cuba Travel Costs

Country Total Spent Cost per day
Cuba $1,138.48 $87.58
TOTALS: $1,138.48 $87.58

Is Havana expensive?

Havana is the most expensive city in Cuba except for Varadero. It’s expensive for locals as well as for tourists. You can rent a room in a house casa particular and eat/drink for about a total of $20–$30 a day in Havana.

Do they speak English in Cuba?

Very few people speak English in Cuba. The majority can ONLY speak Spanish, and it is recommended to learn a few Spanish phrases and words before you travel to Cuba. In Havana, you’ll get by easy by using English and the same goes for Cienfuegos, Viñales, and Trinidad, IF you stick to tourist areas.

Can you drink the water in Cuba?

As a general rule, you should avoid tap water in Cuba and stick to drinking bottled water. Even water that is perfectly safe for the local population to drink may give you traveler’s diarrhea since your stomach is not used to the bacterial make-up of the water.Travel

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