Is It Safe To Travel To Barcelona Right Now?

Is Barcelona safe to travel now?

In a city like Barcelona, you’re definitely going to have to watch out for pickpockets as it really is an issue. However, on the whole, Barcelona is safe to travel alone. Aside from the occasional thief, Barcelona is really fun, friendly and easy to visit, regardless if you’re alone or with a group.

Is it safe to travel in Spain right now?

Generally, Spain is a safe place for travelers. We’ve detailed all the reasons why, under normal circumstances, Spain is a fantastic and safe place to explore. However, Spain has seen increasing cases of coronavirus. The country, like many around the world, is currently in lockdown.

Is it safe to travel to Barcelona airport?

The Barcelona airport is as safe as any but not a lot to entertain children so you should bring books, toys, DVD players, etc. since you don’t want them wandering all over the airport.

Is it dangerous in Barcelona?

Barcelona is no more dangerous than anywhere else you’ve been. There are indeed tons of pickpockets and other crimes of opportunity, but the risk of violence is extremely low.Travel

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