Is It Safe To Travel With Advance Parole 2018?

When used properly, advance parole is a document that is perfectly legal and safe to use.

If you have a pending application for an Adjustment of Status Green Card or a marriage-based Green Card, Advance Parole serves the same purpose as a US Visa, allowing re-entry to the United States upon returning.

Can I travel with advance parole card?

The Advance Parole travel document permits reentry to the United States after travel abroad and preserves a pending I-485 application. During the adjustment of status (AOS) process, the applicant can remain in the United States while waiting for his or her green card. This is a long and expensive journey.

How long can you travel on advance parole?

You can only remain outside the United States, however, as long as you re-enter the U.S. before the expiration date printed on your travel document. The travel document is valid for one year after it’s issued, typically within 150 days (in some cases longer) after submitting your application materials to USCIS.

Can I travel without advance parole?

Advance parole allows a person with a pending I-485 adjustment of status application (for a green card) to travel abroad and keep the I-485 pending. If an adjustment applicant travels abroad without first obtaining advance parole, USCIS will deny the I-485, based on the person having supposedly abandoned it.Travel

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