Often asked: How Does Fatima Affect Santiago’s Journey?

How does Fatima affect Santiago’s journey?

Fatima is the woman who almost deters Santiago from continuing on his quest for treasure at the Pyramids, as he considers abandoning his own legend in order to stay with Fatima at the Oasis, where she proves their bond by encouraging Santiago to keep searching for his treasure.

Why is Fatima important to Santiago?

Fatima is the girl who almost takes Santiago’s attention away from his goal of reaching the pyramids and retrieving his treasure; she’s so lovely, and he’s so smitten with her, that he almost decides to stay at the oasis and take her instead of the treasure. (You know, because women and treasure are pretty much interchangeable.)

Does Fatima distract Santiago from his dream in the alchemist Why or why not?

Why or why not does Fatima in The Alchemist distract Santiago from his dream? Fatima both distracts Santiago from his dream and empowers him to pursue it.

What does Fatima think about his journey What lesson does this teach him?

Fatima thinks he’s crazy, and she’d rather he stayed in her oasis, teaching him never to trust women or fall in love.

What did Fatima say to Santiago?

Fatima tells Santiago before he leaves that she hopes he will return to her, just as her father did to her mother. Fatima lives as a brave woman of the desert, and she will look to the stars every night to see the one he is following in search of his treasure.

Are Santiago and Fatima truly in love?

Santiago and Fatima’s love is portrayed as ideal u2013 a love that is sincere and true, but also involves faith rather than any attempt to control the beloved. Fatima believes in letting her beloved Santiago wander free, and she promises to wait for him while he pursues his Personal Legend.

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Does Santiago marry Fatima?

The alchemist’s story convinces Santiago, who returns to Al-Fayoum for one night and tells Fatima that he is leaving but that he still loves her and will return.

What was Santiago’s fear in the Alchemist?

Santiago’s greatest fear is failure, and he frequently worries that he is making the wrong decisions, which are affecting his future and preventing him from discovering his personal legend.

What is worse than suffering According to The Alchemist?

Listening to your heart, especially when it is fearful, takes courage; Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist encourages us to live with the understanding that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself, and to pursue our deepest dreams in search of our “treasure.”

What was Santiago’s personal legend?

A Personal Legend, as defined in The Alchemist, is one’s life’s destiny, or identifying and pursuing one’s life’s purpose. When Santiago meets Melchizedek, the old King of Salem, he teaches him what a Personal Legend is, saying that it is “what you have always wanted to accomplish.”

Does Santiago stay with Fatima?

Fatima is the woman who nearly deters Santiago from continuing on his quest for treasure at the Pyramids; they fall in love, and Santiago considers abandoning his personal legend to stay with Fatima at the Oasis.

Why does the gypsy woman say that Santiago’s dream is difficult to interpret?

Santiago’s dream is difficult to interpret because it is so closely linked to his own Personal Legend and the simple desire to grow and develop as a human being. This is what makes his dream difficult to interpret.

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How did Santiago meet Fatima?

After the Englishman leaves, Fatima arrives, and Santiago tells her he loves her. As the war drags on and the caravan remains in Al-Fayoum, Santiago meets Fatima at the well every day, telling her about his Personal Legend, which leads him to the pyramids, but he says he wants to stay with her in Al-Fayoum.

Do you know who is Fatima?

Our Lady of Fu00e1tima (Portuguese: Nossa Senhora de Fu00e1tima, formally known as Our Lady of the Holy Rosary of Fu00e1tima, (Portuguese pronunciation: [ns s d fatim]) is a Catholic title of the Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, based on Marian apparitions reported in 1917 by three shepherd children at the village of Fu00e1tima in Portugal.

What is Santiago’s vision?

Santiago sees two hawks fighting and sees armies riding through the oasis, remembering Melchizedek’s advice to pay attention to omens, so he tells the camel driver about his vision.

What happens to Fatima in the Alchemist?

She lives at the Al-Fayoum oasis, where her primary responsibility is to collect water from the local well, and she claims that as a desert woman, she understands that men must leave the women they love for long periods of time, and she persuades Santiago to leave Fatima and the oasis.

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