Often asked: How Does Santiago Grow Throughout His Journey?


Santiago begins his journey with little faith in himself or his decisions, and he seeks out others to make decisions for him; however, as his personality changes, he finds himself making difficult decisions on his own.

How does Santiago develop in the Alchemist?

Santiago eventually learns to communicate with the wind, the sun, and the Hand That Wrote All, a force that appears to be synonymous with God or Allah, after he meets the alchemist, who helps him understand himself and read the omens in his environment. Santiago eventually learns to communicate with the wind, the sun, and the Hand That Wrote All, a force that appears to be synonymous with God or Allah.

How did the journey change Santiago?

Santiago learns to become one with the Soul of the World as the story progresses, eventually learning to communicate with the wind, the sun, and the Hand That Wrote It All, which sounds a lot like knowing God to me.

What did Santiago gain from his journey?

Santiago learns to communicate with the World’s Soul, as well as how to read and communicate with the world around him. He also learns that the physical treasures we seek are often right in front of us, and that a spiritual journey is not about becoming someone else, but rather about discovering oneself.

How does Santiago Change in The Old Man and the Sea?

Santiago is tormented throughout The Old Man and the Sea; he has gone eighty-four days without catching a fish and has become the laughingstock of his small village; he then endures a long and arduous battle with the marlin, only to have his trophy catch destroyed by sharks.

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What is the world’s greatest lie in the Alchemist?

There you will discover a treasure that will make you wealthy: the belief that at some point in our lives, we lose control of what is happening to us and our lives are taken over by fate, which is the greatest lie in the world.

Does Santiago become an alchemist?

Finally, Santiago transforms himself literally into the wind, adding a new dimension to the ideas of alchemy and the Personal Legend that we have seen thus far in the novel.

How did Santiago know where the treasure was?

By Paulo Coelho Specifically, treasure. Santiago has a dream about a child transporting him to the pyramids and telling him that he will find a hidden treasure there.

How is Santiago at the beginning of the story?

Santiago, the protagonist, is a young, still innocent shepherd at the start of the novel, and his father gave him money for a herd of sheep because he didn’t want to become a priest, as his father desired, but instead wanted to travel.

What tests and setbacks does the boy experience on his journey?

Capture by bandits and the temptation to stay in one place are two tests or setbacks that Santiago faces on his journey in The Alchemist.

What was the most valuable thing Santiago gained from his journey?

Finding love with Fatima, becoming one with the universe, and connecting with the Soul of the World are some of the things that become the most valuable to Santiago, and he discovers surprising riches on his quest to find himself.

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What are Santiago weaknesses?

When Santiago decides to sell his sheep, he is too quick to trust someone he doesn’t know, which is complicated by the fact that the bartender tries to warn Santiago but they don’t speak the same language.

Who approaches Santiago as he digs in the sand?

Men fleeing tribal wars approach Santiago as he digs in the sand, and what do they do? They find the gold the alchemist gave him, and they beat him as he dug deeper.

Why do boys stop fishing in Santiago?

Manolin is a boy Santiago has known for a long time; he used to go fishing with the old man and the two of them became close as a result. However, the boy no longer goes fishing with the old man because his father believes the old man does not bring good luck because he hasn’t caught a fish in eighty four days.

What does Manolin fetch Santiago after he sees Santiago’s ravaged hands?

Manolin arrives at the old man’s shack early the next morning, and seeing his friend’s ravaged hands brings him to tears, so he goes to fetch coffee. Fishermen have gathered around Santiago’s boat, and the carcass has been measured at eighteen feet.

Where is Santiago’s wife?

Hemingway writes: u201cOnce there had been a tinted photograph of his wife on the wall, but he had taken it down because it made him too lonely to see it…u201d (16). Santiago’s wife is dead, so he is lonely before he faces his external conflict.

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