Often asked: How Much Does June’s Journey Make Per Month?

June’s Journey: Hidden Objects – Apps on Google Play

Enter June Parker’s captivating quest to uncover a scandalous family secret as you solve riddles and use your sense of observation to find all hidden clues in this unsolved mystery adventure detective game. DIY YOUR Manor – Customize and remodel your very own luxurious mansion and garden island. Join a Detective Club – Chat, share rouns, and more.

Who owns June’s journey?

June’s Journey will be updated once a week. Playtika, the social casino game giant, has completed its acquisition of Wooga, the Berlin-based maker of casual games, for an undisclosed sum.

HOW MUCH DOES June’s journey cost?

June’s Journey is free to download and play, but it does allow you to buy virtual items with real money in the game; you can turn off in-app purchases in your device’s settings. June’s Journey and its social features may require an Internet connection.

Did Wooga sell June’s journey?

In a recent interview with PocketGamer, Begemann explained that the stability and success Wooga has experienced since that acquisition is part of the reason he’s announced plans to exit.

How many players play June’s journey?

June’s Journey by Wooga is Wooga’s most successful game and, aside from Pearl’s Peril and Schnuffel, the most successful product I created, with more than 1.5 million daily active players.

Are there any cheats for June’s journey?

Are there any June’s Journey cheats? You can’t enter cheat codes anywhere in the game; these cheat codes aren’t even real cheat codes; they’re just a random string of numbers, letters, and characters that can’t be entered anywhere else in the game, so don’t waste your time with them.

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Is Wooga a Chinese company?

Wooga is a Berlin-based mobile-first game developer that creates free-to-play mobile and social games for smartphones and tablets, as well as social media platforms like Facebook.

Are there bots in June’s journey?

Also, because bots can’t’see’ images, we can’t use them in the game; however, these scores are attainable with practice!

How many levels does June’s journey?

One Chapter is made up of five levels plus an Adventure Scene, and each Volume has a different number of levels. To level up, the player must collect a certain number of flowers.

What is the best device to play June’s journey on?

June’s Journey is an Adventure game developed by Wooga, and the best platform (emulator) to play this Android game on your PC or Mac for an immersive gaming experience is BlueStacks app player.

How does Wooga make money?

Wooga’s revenue comes from the prices it charges for virtual goods in its games on mobile apps and on Facebook, where about 3% of users pay for items like magic wands. Pricing information is unavailable, and the company does not make money from advertising.

How many chapters are there in June’s Journey 2019?

June’s Journey is a mystery game aimed at female fans of the genre in which you must spot specific items in a crowded scene. Wooga CEO Jens Begemann said in an exclusive interview with GamesBeat, “We will start with 20 chapters of content, and we will launch a new chapter every single week.”

What is the meaning of Wooga?

If you’re wondering what Wooga stands for in Wooga Squad, V revealed in an interview that Wooga is an abbreviation for the phrase “We Are Family.” He also stated that, despite not being related by blood, they felt like family because they got along so well.

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What is the new version of June’s journey?

June’s Journey – Hidden Object (latest version) is a hidden object game set in the 1920s that asks you to assist June, the fearless protagonist, in uncovering the strange circumstances surrounding her sister’s murder.

What are the seasonal sets on June’s journey?

Seasonal Sets are one-of-a-kind, limited-edition sets of decorations based on a specific theme, with 7 or more items and a Grand Prize item, each worth seasonal points.

Is there another island in June’s journey?

Snowdrop Island, the newest discovery off the Orchid Archipelago, is located northwest of Orchid Island and can be unlocked after you’ve unlocked all of Willow Island, which is unlocked after you’ve unlocked all of Orchid, Sunflower, and Laurel Islands.

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