Often asked: How To Play Lights By Journey?

“Lights” is a song recorded by American rock band Journey and written by Steve Perry and Neal Schon, released in 1978. The song is a ballad about Journey’s city of origin, San Francisco. It was one of Steve Perry’s first Journey songs, and was recorded soon after his joining the band. Although the song is about San Francisco, it was actually written in and originally intended to be about Los Angeles. In an interview, Perry said, “I had the song written in Los Angeles almost completely except for the bridge and it was written about Los Angeles. It was ‘when the lights go down in the city and the sun shines on LA.’ I didn’t like the way it sounded at the time. And so I just had it sitting back in the corner. Then life changed my plans once again, and I was now facing joining Journey. I love San Francisco, the bay and the whole thing. ‘The bay’ fit so nice, ‘When the lights go down in the city and the sun shines on the bay.’ It was one of those early morning going across the bridge things when the sun was coming up and the lights were going down. It was perfect.” Released as a single in 1978, it was originally a minor hit, reaching number 68 on the Billboard Hot 100 at the time. It has, however, become more popular over the years and is now one of Journey’s most popular and easily recognizable songs and is often played in Classic Hits/Oldies radio stations. It is frequently played at San Francisco Giants baseball games (including versions led by Perry himself at Game 2 of the 2010 World Series and Games 1 and 2 of the 2012 World Series) and the cross-bay Oakland Athletics after-game fireworks starts. Journey released a live version of the song in 1993 for the Time³ box set. The song was the last to be played during the Top 40 era of KFRC 610, a legendary San Francisco station, before the flip to a nostalgia/adult standards format in 1986. KIII-TV of Corpus Christi, Texas used this song during their sign offs in the late 1980s.

This song is also covered by current Journey frontman Arnel Pineda.


Is Steve Perry back with Journey?

Despite the fact that it would jeopardize his own career, Pineda told Rolling Stone that seeing Perry back onstage with Journey would be a u201cdream.u201d u201cI’m delivering on the legacy that ‘the voice’ has left behind,u201d he said.

Is Journey still performing?

Journey is currently on tour in one country, with seven upcoming shows, including one at The Theater at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas in Las Vegas, followed by another at The Theater at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas in Las Vegas.

Why did Arnel Pineda leave Journey?

Pineda reflected on his darker moments, revealing that he had been bullied as a child and had struggled with the death of his mother just before launching his singing career; in 2005, he recalled, “I had to resign from my band because I lost my voice. It was a tough and cruel path until I met Journey.”

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Is SeeMusic app free?

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