Often asked: Smt Strange Journey How To Get Seraph?

Seraph where is he

The only way to get to Seraph’s location is to take an elevator from B7F; once there, he’ll be hard to miss. Look for the platform with the entire pantheon of divines seated on it. This is the official Ardha of the SMT IV board.

How do you get the neutral route in SMT Strange Journey?

All you have to do is stay essentially neutral for the majority of the game (as long as you aren’t extreme law or chaos), then decide to go neutral at the one crucial story line event in Sector H– the one that determines your ending.

How do you recruit demons in Strange Journey?

Talking and Recruiting Demons in SMT: Strange Journey Redux You’ll need to use the Talk function to do so. Whenever you’re in a dungeon combat encounter, instead of selecting the Combat option on your screen, select Talk, and then choose which demon you want to speak with.

Is SMT IV connected to Strange Journey?

Is there a link between the two games? u201cNo, there isn’t,u201d Yamai clarifies. u201cIf anything, it’s more of an extra little something, so people who haven’t played Strange Journey won’t be able to enjoy [this game].u201d

How many endings are in SMT Nocturne?

SMT Nocturne Endings: A Guide To All Six Video Game Endings

How many endings does strange journey have?

Three different endings were available in the original Strange Journey, depending on the player’s alignment before a key moment near the end of the game; these endings are still available in Strange Journey Redux, but three new endings are also available if the player completes the Womb of Grief.

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How long is Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne?

Nocturne will test you for a long timeu2014we’re talking about a 60-hour gameu2014and you’ll be left wondering how you’ve managed to enjoy every second of it.

How long is Shin Megami Tensei IV Reddit?

Strange Journey: 2 hours, SMT IV: -50 hours, I owe it time. SMT 3 (Nocturne): 98 hours spoiler, SMT IV: -50 hours, I owe it time.

How does alignment work in strange journey?

A Light-aligned character is benevolent and selfless, while a Dark-aligned character is malevolent and selfish; Neutral characters are somewhere in the middle. A demon’s alignment is determined by its family; all demons in a family have the same alignment.

Is Strange Journey Redux hard?

Strange Journey Redux is a tough dungeon-crawling RPG, and if you’re not careful or fail to exploit their enemies effectively, you’ll be wiped out by regular enemies. Thankfully, you can change the game difficulty at any time.

Is Strange Journey a spinoff?

On the rumor that Strange Journey was originally intended to be part of the main SMT series: To be precise, it was conceived as a spinoff from the beginning, but because it was conceived as a spinoff, we had the freedom to go off on a tangent from the mainline games (and the extra pain and suffering that came with it, haha).

Is Strange Journey a spin off?

Atlus has announced the release of a spin-off manga for Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux (known in Japan as “Deep Strange Journey”), which will debut on January 16, 2018.

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