Overnight Travel Pay For Hourly Employees?

How do I pay hourly employees for overnight travel?

Overtime Pay Under the FLSAThe Fair Labor Standards Act requires that employees be compensated at one and a half times their normal hourly wage for every hour worked in excess of a 40 hours in a workweek.

Employees often incur overtime on business trips and must be compensated for this time.

Should an hourly employee be paid for travel time?

Many California employers are not aware that they are required to pay nonexempt (meaning “hourly”) employees for time traveling to, and attending, work-related functions such as conferences, seminars, and trainings. You can pay the employee as little as the minimum wage for travel pay.

Do I have to pay employees for drive time?

Travel Time Compensation in California. California law requires that employers pay employees for all hours worked. Once you conclude the time is “worked,” you must include those numbers in overtime calculations, and decide whether you want to pay travel at a different rate than the employee’s regular rate of pay.

What is considered overnight travel?

Overnight TravelWhen travel keeps the employee away from home overnight, any portion of authorized travel time that takes place within normal work hours on any day of the week, including Saturday and Sunday, is treated as work hours.Travel

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