Question: How Do You Release The Elites In The Great Journey?

The Great Journey

The Great Journey is the twelfth mission in Halo 2. Walk through the hills, destroying any enemy Ghosts that come your way, and approach a giant Scarab that is on your side this time. Shoot them all down, and blast your way to the beach.
Hunters will be bombarded with Brute Shots from the ledge above, so use your cloak to easily sneak up on a Brute or two for an instant melee kill. Once everyone is dead, drop down to the room with all the corpses and continue through the next halls. Follow Sergeant Johnson in the Scarab until you see the Control Room, then jump up the steep slope to grab the skull.

Where is the terminal on the great journey?

The Great Journey Terminal: In the area with the prison cells, on the upper floor, on the right hand side, there is a terminal that you must shoot down the shield to access.

What is the last level in Halo 2?

The Great Journey is Halo 2’s fifteenth and final campaign level, in which you will fight alongside other Sangheili and Mgalekgolo to reach Tartarus and prevent him from activating the rings.

What was the great journey Halo?

According to the Covenant, the Forerunners began the first Great Journey by using the seven Halos, or sacred rings, which released a “divine wind” that swept across the galaxy and elevated the Forerunners to godhood.

What happened to the gravemind in Halo 2?

In the end, Halo’s activation destroyed the Gravemind as well as the Flood that had escaped containment.

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Are there terminals in Halo 3?

There are seven terminals to find in Halo 3. They are small, lighted control panels scattered throughout the main campaign modes that reveal backstory snippets and contribute to a handful of Achievements.

Are there terminals in Halo 4?

In Halo 4, there are seven terminals, one for each mission (excluding the prologue and Mission 1). If you’ve already completed a mission and only need to return for the terminal, you can load the rally point listed rather than starting over.

How do you fire the Banshee bomb in Halo 2?

No, the banshee bomb does not exist in classic Halo 2 multiplayer; it only exists in the campaign, and to use it, you must use “b” with the default controls, not “y.”

Is Halo 2 Legendary possible?

Legendary on Halo 2 is “Trial and Error.” Completing the full Campaign on Legendary in any of the Halo games unlocks an additional ending scene to that game’s story, with the exception of Halo: Reach and Halo 2.

How old is Master Chief?

“Gravemind” from Halo 2 is one of the most difficult halo missions due to how unfair it is on Legendary; by the time the title crawl fades away in the first few seconds of the mission, the player is almost certainly dead.

Did the prophets believe in the great journey?

The High Prophets never believed the Great Journey (transcending to godhood through the Halo array) was a hoax; the confusion arose from the Covenant mistaking the glyph for “Reclaimer” for “Reclamation.”

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Do the banished believe in the great journey?

Only when the Unggoy homeworld was nearly completely glassed by a Covenant Fleet did the conflict come to an end; the grunts are known to have a fictitious belief in the great journey because they are afraid of the other races.

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