Question: How To Reset Uconnect 4.3 On Dodge Journey?

Dodge Journey: How To Reset UConnect

If you can’t get the UConnect to reboot on the first try, repeat the steps.

How do you reset the UConnect on a Dodge Journey?

How To Reset UConnect On A Dodge Journey

  1. Hold the VOLUME and TUNE buttons together for about 10 seconds or until the screen goes black.
  2. Wait a few seconds for the screen to load back up.

How do you reset the UConnect on a 2018 Dodge Journey?

To reset the uconnect system in a 2018 Dodge Journey, press and hold the volume and tune buttons at the same time for about 10 seconds, until the screen goes black, then load back up after a few seconds.

How do I reset my Dodge Journey radio?

Put the key in the ignition and turn it on, then simultaneously press and hold the volume and tune buttons for about 10 seconds. The radio will power off and restart, taking a few minutes to load back up.

How do I fix the Bluetooth in my Dodge Journey?

Pull the Hands Free fuse, and the phone should now connect to the Journey’s Unconnect and bluetooth. If the reset fails, check for software updates or faulty wiring behind the dash.

What to do if Uconnect is not working?

Remove the battery (if removable u2013 see your phone’s owner’s manual) and perform a hard reset in the phone. Delete the pairing history in your phone and Uconnectu00ae system, which is usually found in the phone’s Bluetoothu00ae settings. Verify you are selecting “Uconnect” in the discovered Bluetooth devices on your phone.

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How do I know my Uconnect version?

On a Chrysler Uconnect Navigation System, look for the current navigation software version.

  1. Touch Nav to access the navigation menus
  2. Touch Settings
  3. Touch System
  4. Touch About
  5. Touch Nav to access the navigation menus

How do I reset my Uconnect 12?

RamCares is a non-profit organization that helps people in

  1. Put your vehicle in accessories mode (ACC or RUN)
  2. hold down the Phone and voice recognition buttons (or the tuner and volume knob) for thirty seconds
  3. release the buttons.
  4. turn off the vehicle.
  5. open the driver’s side door for thirty seconds (or until the dash illumination goes black)

How do I turn off Uconnect tracking?

Steps to turn off GPS on an Android device: Long Method Scroll down in the Settings app until you find the Location section, then click on it and disable the “Use Location” toggle at the top by tapping on it.

How do I reset my Dodge computer?

Follow these steps to reset the computer in your RAM 1500:

  1. Identify the negative cable on your battery. Disconnect it from the battery. Wait 20 minutes for all systems to shut down before reconnecting the negative cable.

How do you reset the radio on a 2013 Dodge Journey?

To do so, press and hold the START/STOP button for at least 8 seconds, then press and hold the temperature up and temperature down buttons for at least 8 seconds. A menu will appear on the screen, with “Reset Radio” at the bottom of the list. Select it, and the system will reboot.

Can I add Bluetooth to my Dodge Journey?

The 2018 Dodge Journey comes standard with Bluetooth, which can be used for both phone calls and listening to music on the radio. The Dodge also offers a Connectivity package, which includes Bluetooth, a USB port, satellite radio, and voice commands.

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How do I connect my iPhone to my Dodge Journey?

Connect your iPhone to the USB port on the Journey.

  1. Connect your Apple iPhone to the USB port on your Dodge Journey using an Apple-approved Lightning-to-USB cable.
  2. When prompted, tap Allow on your iPhone.
  3. CarPlay will launch automatically on the infotainment system display.

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