Quick Answer: How Long Does It Take To Complete A Brownie Journey?

Brownie Planning Guide – Girl Scouts River Valleys Volunteers

The Brownie planning guide is an online resource that includes many of the badge and award options for Girl Scout Brownies, as well as downloadable activity plans, to assist Brownie troops in completing Journeys and badges. Also see our additional resources for completing badges and journeys.
Girls will learn to paint, color in super strokes, and see what their imaginations can do while earning their painting badge. Girls can try out some great ways to get organized while earning their painting badge.

What are the 3 Brownie journeys?

The master lock that requires all three of the Brownies’ keys to open is the journey’s culminating award, and the Brownies will learn that their three keysu2014 Discover, Connect, and Take Actionu2014unlock the meaning of leadership when used together.

What are Brownie journeys?

During the Brownie Quest, three girls, Campbell, Jamila, and Alejandra, embark on an adventure called The ELF Adventure, during which they will learn about and earn three keys: the Discover Key, the Connect Key, and the Take Action Key, all of which will lead to the Brownie Quest Award.

How do you get the Brownie Quest Journey?

Girls must earn four awards to complete the Brownie Quest Journey: Discover Key, Connect Key, Take Action Key, and Brownie Quest Award. The Discover Key and Connect Key Awards prepare girls for their Take Action Project, which leads to the Take Action Key, and then the Brownie Quest Award.

How do you earn brownie badges?

Girls earn badges by following the instructions in the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting, which are not required to be completed in any particular order.

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How do you get brownie First Aid badges?

How to Earn the Brownie First Aid Badge for Girl Scouts

  1. Step 1: Learn How to Call 911 for Assistance. Step 2: Talk to Someone Who Treats Injured People. Step 4: Learn How to Treat Minor Injuries. Step 5: Know How to Prevent and Treat Outdoor Injuries.

How many Brownie badges are there?

Each theme has three different interest badges that you can work towards on your own as a brownie.

What are journey badges?

What’s the Difference Between Girl Scout Journeys and Badges? A Girl Scout Journey is a longer engagement with a topic that culminates in a Take Action project to make the world a better place, whereas Badges are shorter engagements with topics designed to introduce girls to new experiences and develop specific skills.

How do you get Daisy Journey badges?

AMAZING DAISY AWARD Represents knowing and living by the Promise and Law. Girls earn it by making the Promise to live by the Girl Scout Law and completing a planting or growing project in their community. This award is normally earned in the middle of the Girl Scout year.

What is a journey Summit Award?

The Journey Summit Award Pin is earned by girls who have completed three National Leadership Journeys at their grade level (the colored border around each pin corresponds to their grade level), and it is the highest award that a Girl Scout Daisy or Brownie can earn.

What do brownies do?

Brownies is about getting together on a regular basis – usually once a week – to work on badges, learn new skills, play games, and see friends; it’s also about trying new things and attending special events, day trips, sleepovers, camps, and holidays.

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What are the junior journeys?


  • It’s Your Worldu2014Make It Better!
  • It’s Your Planetu2014Love It!
  • It’s Your Storyu2014Tell It!
  • Engineering: Think Like an Engineer.
  • Computer Science: Think Like a Programmer.
  • Outdoor STEM: Think Like a Citizen Scientist.

How do you get the best self brownie badge?

My Best Self Brownie Badge

  1. Learn about your body.
  2. Eat and play in a healthy manner.
  3. Understand how your body works.
  4. Know what to do if something bothers you.
  5. Meet a health helper.

How do you get brownie Letterboxer badge?

Letterboxer Brownie Badge

  1. Start letterboxing.
  2. Get a stamp.
  3. Practice solving clues.
  4. Look for a letterbox.
  5. Create a letterbox.

How do you make brownie wings?

Wings: Third-grade Brownies who bridge to Juniors can earn their wings, which are worn on the Girl Scout Junior Uniform and are given when a girl “Flys Up” to Juniors.

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