Quick Answer: How Long Is The Journey For Frodo?

Quest of the Ring

The Quest of the Ring was Frodo Baggins’ quest to destroy the One Ring, which began in TA 3018 when he set out for Rivendell, which he arrived at on October 20th, after an 11-month, one-week, and six-day journey.

The Beginning of the Quest

On September 22, 3001, Frodo’s uncle Bilbo Baggins left the Shire, leaving behind Bag End and Bilbo’s magic ring, which Frodo and Gandalf returned to examine on April 12th, 3018.

Journey to Bree

Frodo and the Hobbits cut through the Old Forest and lost the Black Riders, almost being killed by Old Man Willow and Barrow-wights, but rescued twice by Tom Bombadil.

Meeting with Strider

Strider then led them into the wild with a pony named Bill, leading them to Rivendell and guiding them through the Midgewater Marshes to Weathertop.


Frodo was wounded by the Nazgu00fbl at Weathertop in Middle-earth, but was saved from death by Glorfindel, an Elf-lord, and awoke in Rivendell with Bilbo, Gandalf, Aragorn, Sam, Merry, and Pippin.

Council of Elrond

Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Aragorn, Gandalf, Boromir, Legolas, and Gimli made up the Fellowship of the Ring, which left Rivendell on December 25th after Frodo volunteered to take the Ring to Mordor.

The Mountains and Moria

Frodo’s Mithril shirt saved him from a deadly blow from an Orc when the Fellowship of the Ring was attacked by Orcs and a Cave-troll.


Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn welcomed the Fellowship of the Ring-Beards to Lothlu00f3rien, where they were given Lembas bread, Elven cloaks, and boats to travel down the Anduin.

The Breaking of the Fellowship

Boromir, Merry, and Pippin were attacked by Uruk-hai as the Fellowship continued south to Amon Hen. Frodo put on the Ring and escaped, and while the rest of the company scattered looking for him, he decided to go to Mordor alone.

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Emyn Muil and the Dead Marshes

Frodo forced Gollum to swear an oath of servitude to the master of the Ring in a secret passage in the Dead Marshes so that Orcs would not see them.


Frodo and Sam were led to the Black Gate by Gollum, but as the Hobbits charged through the Gate, Gollum said it was too dangerous, and they fled south into Ithilien, where they were apprehended by a group of Gondor Rangers.

Shelob’s Lair and Cirith Ungol

Gollum led the Hobbits past Minas Morgul and up the stairs of Cirith Ungol Pass, where the Giant Spider Shelob’s web blocked the exit and Shelob appeared, which Sam was able to drive away with Sting and the Galadriel Phial.


Frodo and Sam were forced to disguise themselves in Orcish armour and wandered through Mordor’s barren wasteland, where they were overtaken by a company of Orcs on their way to meet the forces of the West, but managed to flee. Gandalf and Aragorn’s diversion plan had worked.

Mount Doom

As he chased Frodo down from Mount Doom, Gollum bit off Frodo’s finger with the Ring, and Frodo succumbed to the Ring’s power and refused to let it go, instead claiming it as his own. The Ring was destroyed, and Mordor fell.

Portrayal in adaptations

The Hobbits are pursued by the Black Riders all the way to Bucklebury Ferry in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy, which skips several parts of Frodo’s journey to Bree. Frodo appears to have owned the Ring for only a short time before Gandalf returns.

How long did Frodo’s journey take in the movie?

It all started in September 3018, when Frodo set out for Imladris, which he finally reached on October 20th, and it took another five months for the One Ring and Sauron to be destroyed on March 25th of the following year.

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How far is Frodo’s journey?

It’s a 300-mile walk that takes 90 hours.

How long did Frodo wait for Gandalf?

Frodo possessed the One Ring as part of his inheritance from Bilbo for seventeen years (in the book) without knowing what it was or that anyone was looking for it, but after Gandalf explained the history of the Ring to him, he waited several months before leaving the Shire.

Why is Frodo leaving at the end?

Frodo left Middle-earth because of what happened to him in The Lord of the Rings: he sustained two injuries that never fully healed, preventing him from remaining in Middle-earth and being happy. Frodo recovered, however, and didn’t let his injury prevent him from achieving his goal of destroying the Ring at the end of the film.

How long did Gandalf fight Balrog?

The majority of the Balrogs died in the Great Battle, but a few managed to survive by hiding in the depths. One of the Balrogs was discovered by the dwarves at the bottom of the Mithril seam in Khazad-du00fbm in the Third Age, and it was the Balrog that Gandalf had fought and defeated after ten days of fighting.

Where is Mordor in real life?

Tongariro National Park u2013 The Land of Mordor If you only have time to visit one real-life Lord of the Rings location in New Zealand, make it Tongariro National Park, which served as the main setting for Mordor and is home to breathtaking scenery.

How far did Frodo walk to Mordor?

Karen Wynn Fonstad, a well-known cartographer, estimates Frodo’s journey to be 1779 miles long, with a physically fit person covering roughly 12 miles per day, taking into account breaks, sleeping, and difficult terrain.

How long was Gandalf gone when he died?

Gandalf the White stated upon his return, “and everyday was a life’s age on earth,” which explains his foggy memory of his former self. He was 19 days away from earth time, so using an average lifespan of 70-75 years, Gandalf was gone for approximately 1330 to 1475 years (give or take).

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Why does Saruman turn evil?

Saruman allied Isengard with Mordor in the War of the Ring, thinking he could gain it for himself or become Sauron’s servant alone, but his deep study of the Rings of Power and Sauron’s other magic corrupted him, and his overweening lust for power led to his downfall.

Is Sam in love with Frodo?

Sam and Frodo love each other deeply and with as much commitment as any bond described, as Sam admits to Frodo one night while watching him sleep, and we must not forget that Sam marries and has children.

Is Gandalf immortal?

He is an immortal spirit as one of the Maiar, but because he is in a physical body on Middle-earth, he can be killed in battle, as he is by the Balrog from Moria, and is sent back to Middle-earth to finish his mission as Gandalf the White, leader of the Istari.

Why is Frodo the worst?

When it came to the One Ring, Frodo had a bad habit of thinking he knew best, and he even disregarded the advice of Gandalf (who was thousands of years old) when he told him not to wear the ring and not to go into the mines of Moria in Fellowship of the Ring (which Frodo did).

Is Legolas dead?

Their company continued on, with Elladan leading the way, but Legolas turned around and saw the Dead following the Grey Company. Legolas fought alongside Gimli and the Elrond sons in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.

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