Quick Answer: How To Get Journey Growth In Future Fight?

r/FutureFight – Journey of Growth (each step)

Journey of Growth is given to accounts with less than ten 6* characters. The requirements and rewards for A Hero’s Journey have changed with version 2.2.0, and there is now a complete list of every step (as well as a tutorial) in game!

How do you raise your tier in Marvel future fight?

You must invest both gold and biometrics to improve a character’s rank; the latter are the same items that you used to unlock the character, and by collecting more of these items, you can use them to raise their rank.

Where do you farm ISO 8 in Marvel future fight?

The ISO-8 can be obtained in a variety of ways, including story quests, dimension chests, shops, and daily quests. The most cost-effective way to obtain ISO-8 is through daily quests, which are unlocked once you complete the 4-1 story chapter. Daily quests are also the best way to obtain ISO-8 gems.

Where can I find black anti matter future fight?

Anti-Matter in Black

  • World Boss Beginner/Normal/Ultimate (5 entrances per day)
  • Special event shop (limit: 6): This includes regular timed events that give out tokens for completing event quests involving various simple daily activities in the game
  • Chaos Shop (limit: 6)
  • Shield lab processor (it should be level 14)
  • Shield lab processor (it should be

How do you get to Tier 3 in Marvel future fight?

How do I get my characters to Tier 3?

  1. First, get your characters to Tier 2 and 20/20/20/20 gears for Native Tier 2.
  2. Second, maximize your character’s potential by fighting WB/WBU to 100%.
  3. Third, increase their level cap and boost their potential levels.
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Who is the best character in Marvel future fight?

The most prominent characters in group S are X-23 and Wolverine, who are the most powerful characters in the game and consistently defeat the enemy. Yellow Jacket and White Fox are the most prominent characters in group A.

Who is the best Tier 3 in future fight?

End-of-Year Marvel Future Fight Awards 2020 – Best Tier 3!

  • Professor X.
  • Black Widow.
  • Scarlet Witch.
  • Star Lord.
  • Silver Surfer.
  • Hulk.
  • Crescent.
  • Winter Soldier.

How do I get antimatter future fight?

What’s the best way to get more Antimatter?

  1. Make the Generator capable of storing at least 12 hours of AM.
  2. Remove the AM requirements for gearing up.
  3. Make it so that maxing out the generator gives you exactly enough AM to complete every mission in the Warp Device for that day.

How do you set ISO 8 in future fight?

The number of ISO-8 slots available to a character increases as they level up; you start with one slot open and gain additional slots at levels 10, 20, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50, for a total of eight available slots. Once equipped, you must pay Crystals to unequipped without destroying the ISO-8.

How do you combine ISO 8?

When you increase the ISO to 5 on two ISO-8, the button will change to “combine.”

What does antimatter do in future fight?

Antimatter Generation If the Antimatter Generator is not emptied, it will fill up and stop producing Antimatter in 6 hours, with the maximum storage capacity of Antimatter (once taken from the Generator) being slightly more than 30 times the Generator’s storage capacity.

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What is antimatter DC?

The Antimatter Universe is a counter-world in which good is evil and evil is good, occupying the same continuum space but on a different space-time level.

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