Quick Answer: How To Say Journey In Multiple Languages?

Bon voyage / have a good journey in many languages

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How do you say done in multiple languages?

Done in other languages

  1. Done /dn/ in American English
  2. Arabic:
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: feito.
  4. Chinese:
  5. Croatian: uinjen.
  6. Czech: hotov
  7. Danish: afsluttet.
  8. Dutch: gedaan.

How do you say wander in different languages?

Wandering in other languages

  1. Croatian: lutati.
  2. Czech: potulovat se.
  3. Danish: vandre omkring.
  4. Dutch: rondzwerven.
  5. European Spanish: deambular.

What is a finito?

Finito is an informal way of saying “finished” or “done.” Finito is an Italian word that means “finished” and was borrowed into English unchanged. It is used in English to emphasize that something is finished, often when the person is relieved that it is over.

How do you say done in different?

synonyms for completed

  1. Down.
  2. Drained.
  3. Finished.
  4. Executed.
  5. Exhausted.
  6. Set.
  7. Wrought

What is the meaning of fatcat?

This neighborhood, with its million-dollar estates, is full of fat cats. This term originally meant “a wealthy contributor to a political campaign,” and while this usage persists, it is now frequently applied more broadly, as in the example.

What language is fini?

finished (fini ) in American English (fini ) in French. adjective. finished; completed; completed.

What is the meaning of Facit?

: He who does (something) through another does it by himself u2014a principle in the law of agency in particular.

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