Readers ask: Fifa 19 The Journey How Many Chapters?

FIFA 19 The Journey Tips – How Long to Beat, Walkthrough

You’ll play as one of three characters in FIFA 19 The Journey: Danny, Kim, or Alex, each of whom has their own set of objectives to complete throughout the campaign, some of which will be hidden for a while until certain progress has been made.

FIFA 19 The Journey Hidden Objectives

FIFA 19 The Journey is a four-part story mode in which you must complete objectives for each of the three main characters. These objectives are often hidden until near the end of the game to avoid spoiling the story, so we’ve listed them all below.

FIFA 19 The Journey Chapter One Objectives and Hidden Objectives

Goals include winning the Pre-Season Tour Final or achieving an Average match rating of 7.5 in FIFA 19 Chapter One of The Journey.

FIFA 19 The Journey Champions Chapter 2 Objectives and Hidden Objectives

They include everything from goal-scoring to completing mentor challenges.

FIFA 19 The Journey Champions Chapter 3 Objectives and Hidden Objectives

In FIFA 19 The Journey Chapter 3, each character has their own set of goals, such as scoring 5 goals in UEFA Champions League or LaLiga matches, unlocking all Target Man player traits, and winning the Premier League title, as well as qualifying for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Final.

FIFA 19 The Journey Champions Chapter 4 Objectives and Hidden Objectives

Kim, Alex, and Danny reveal what they did to win the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, and FIFA Uefa Women’s World Cup in FIFA 19 The Journey, the final chapter in our look at the players’ hidden objectives.

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How long is the journey in FIFA 19?

Again, FIFA 19 The Journey Champions is a lengthy campaign to complete; if you complete all training exercises (which you should), the story can take up to 20 hours to complete, and that’s before you factor in time spent customizing and interacting with social media.

Does the journey end in FIFA 19?

Alex Hunter’s storyline will conclude with the FIFA 19 The Journey endings, which will see the youngster progress from being loaned out to Championship clubs in FIFA 17, to competing in the Premier League in FIFA 18, and finally joining Europe’s serial winners Real Madrid in FIFA 19 and competing for the UEFA Champions League.

Should I choose Ringo or Michael?

When playing as Danny, you’ll have to choose between Michael and Ringo; we recommend choosing Michael, though to be honest, things still don’t go well for Danny. In the 1v1, you’ll have to decide whether to play as Alex or Kim; it doesn’t really make a difference here, so go with your gut.

Can you play the journey on FIFA 19?

Learn more about The Journey, a single-player story game mode in FIFA 19 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in which you take on the role of Alex Hunter and help him make his mark in some of the world’s most prestigious football clubs.

Does FIFA 20 have var?

Despite its rollout across the world’s top competitions, such as the World Cup, Premier League, and Bundesliga, VAR is not a feature in FIFA 20… FIFA 20, which was released in September 2019, followed in the footsteps of its predecessor by leaving VAR out of the game entirely.

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Will FIFA 21 have Alex Hunter?

There are currently no plans to bring The Journey back for future versions of FIFA, but Hunter and Williams both made cameo appearances in Volta Football in FIFA 20.

Is Alex Hunter Dead?

“Spoiler alert: Alex Hunter dies at the end of the journey #FIFA17,” wrote Alex Hunter on Twitter.

Is Alex Hunter real?

Meet the real-life Alex Hunter from Fifa 19 Adetomiwa Edun is the actor who portrays Alex Hunter, the young star of the Fifa video game, who has gone from zero to hero under the control of players. Here, Adetomiwa explains what it’s like to play the world’s most famous fictional footballer.

Which FIFA has the best journey?

The Journey, FIFA 17’s new story mode, is without a doubt the game’s most significant new mode since Ultimate Team, and while we go over the game’s other major changes in our main FIFA 17 guide, The Journey stands out above all.

Who is Kim Hunter based on?

Lisa Solberg, from Australia, is the woman behind Kim Hunter.

How do you save your game on FIFA 19 journey?

Journey does not have a Save and Quit option, nor does it have a manual save option, so if you don’t want to lose your progress, finish the current level and wait for the game to save before exiting.

Is Gareth Walker in FIFA 19?

Walker stands around 5′ 7 ft tall and weighs around 75 kg. After making appearances in FIFA 17 and FIFA 18 Journey, Walker is no longer featured in FIFA 19. He is played by Lewis Reeves.

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Does FIFA 19 have Alex Hunter?

The Journey: Champions in FIFA 19 is the third and final installment in the Alex Hunter-centered story mode, which began three years ago. In this FIFA 19 The Journey: Champions walkthrough, we’ll walk you through every step of this year’s story mode, from the first kick-off to the very last whistle.

What FIFA is the journey in?

The Journey was the first of its kind, the first FIFA story mode that focused on a single character’s career, powered by both user choice and actual match gameplay, and it debuted in FIFA 17.

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