Readers ask: How Did Nature Help Santiago On His Journey?

The Role Of Santiago In The Alchemist

Santiago’s journey in the alchemist is both literal and metaphorical; the alchemist plays a significant role in Santiago’s fate, instructing him in alchemy and assisting him in travel; it is in this moment that Santiago truly discovers his potential, when he learns from God.

Who helped Santiago on journey?

Melchizedek is also the first character in The Alchemist to exhibit magical abilities, which he uses to persuade Santiago to pursue his dream of discovering a treasure near the Egyptian pyramids. Melchizedek, according to his own account, plays a role in the lives of everyone who pursues their Personal Legend.

What did Santiago learn from his journey?

Santiago learns to communicate with the World’s Soul. Santiago learns to read and communicate with the world around him, which leads to the treasure he seeks and the awakening of his own supernatural consciousness.

How did the alchemist help Santiago on his journey?

The Alchemist primarily assists Santiago by teaching him the value of believing in himself and by teaching him how to connect with the Soul of the World, which is the spiritual force that connects all things, including humans and nature, through the use of omens.

How does the universe help Santiago?

When the alchemist says the universe conspires to help people realize their dreams, Santiago recognizes the alchemist as another omen, leading him to his Personal Legend.

How does Santiago get robbed?

After giving a man money to buy camels, the boy, Santiago, is robbed in Tangier.

Why did Santiago sell his sheep?

In The Alchemist, Santiago has been let down by the dream interpreter and meets Melchizedek, the alleged king of Salem, who offers Santiago 10% of his sheep in exchange for assisting him in finding the treasure.

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What was the purpose of Santiago’s journey?

Santiago decides to cash in his earnings and pursue his Personal Legend of finding treasure at the pyramids, so he joins a caravan crossing the Sahara desert toward Egypt, where he meets an Englishman studying to become an alchemist, from whom he learns a lot.

What was the most valuable thing Santiago gained from his journey?

Finding love with Fatima, becoming one with the universe, and connecting with the Soul of the World are some of the things that become the most valuable to Santiago, and he discovers surprising riches on his quest to find himself.

Why did Santiago go through the danger?

Because he is in touch with the Soul of the World, Santiago is able to assist in tribal wars; however, if he ignores the omens he receives through this connection, he risks severing it entirely, which is why he is compelled to risk his life by participating in this conflict.

Does Santiago marry Fatima?

The alchemist’s story convinces Santiago, who returns to Al-Fayoum for one night and tells Fatima that he is leaving but that he still loves her and will return.

What is the world’s greatest lie in the Alchemist?

There you will discover a treasure that will make you wealthy: the belief that at some point in our lives, we lose control of what is happening to us and our lives are taken over by fate, which is the greatest lie in the world.

Who approaches Santiago as he digs in the sand?

Men fleeing tribal wars approach Santiago as he digs in the sand, and what do they do? They find the gold the alchemist gave him, and they beat him as he dug deeper.

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What did Fatima say to Santiago?

Fatima tells Santiago before he leaves that she hopes he will return to her, just as her father did to her mother. Fatima lives as a brave woman of the desert, and she will look to the stars every night to see the one he is following in search of his treasure.

What principles does the old man tell Santiago create luck?

Melchizedek explains to Santiago that this is known as the principle of favorability, or beginner’s luck, and that a force wants us to realize our Personal Legends, and that beginner’s luck gives us a taste of what success might feel like.

Why does the Englishman carry a revolver?

The Englishman has a revolver because it helps him trust people.

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