Readers ask: How Did Roger Chillingworth Go On A Spiritual Journey?

The Spiritual Growth of Hester Prynne – Written April 17, 2001

Hester Prynne’s character evolved significantly throughout The Scarlet Letter; she is a beautiful young woman who has sinned but been forgiven; not only Hester, but the physical scarlet letter u2013 a Puritanical sign of shame u2013 is shown through the author’s tone and diction. Her husband, Roger Chillingworth, passes by and is commissioned to be the couple’s physician.
The Governors repeatedly try to take the child away from Hester, and Pearl mocks authority in the novel, which is a key feature of the imp-child’s demeanor. It pains Hester to see her child go about the world as if possessed by Satan.

What is Roger Chillingworth’s ultimate goal?

Roger Chillingworth, Hester Prynne’s estranged husband, has one goal in mind: to figure out who the man is with whom Hester Prynne committed adultery, and who this mysterious character is for whom Hester has rendered herself a pariah just to keep his identity hidden.

How does Chillingworth change throughout the scarlet letter?

Chillingworth becomes Dimmesdale’s physician, and during his obsessive concentration on the ailing man, he notices a letter “A” written on his chest. Essentially, Chillingworth has transformed into an evil man because he has dedicated himself to revenge and to studying a man whose heart was full of torture (Dimmesdale).

What sin did Chillingworth commit?

Chillingworth, on the other hand, commits the sin of seeking vengeance against his fellow man on purpose.

What was Chillingworth’s revenge?

When Hester’s long-lost husband, Roger Chillingworth, arrives in the colony and learns of the affair, he is consumed by a desire for vengeance; for Hawthorne, revenge is a cancer that consumes the mind, body, and spirit.

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Why was Roger Chillingworth evil?

The leech has no choice but to die after losing the objects of his vengeance. Chillingworth is associated with secular and sometimes illicit forms of knowledge, as his chemical experiments and medical practices occasionally border on witchcraft and murder.

Why was Chillingworth gone for so long?

But there are two things about Chillingworth that make us go “huh.” (1) One of the reasons he took so long to arrive at the colony was because he was held captive by American Indians, where he “had gained much knowledge of the properties of native herbs and roots…

Who was the worst sinner in Scarlet Letter?

In The Scarlet Letter, Roger Chillingworth is by far the worst sinner.

Why is the scarlet letter A banned book?

While the book was controversial when it was first published in the 1850s (it was even banned by the Russian Czar) because of Hawthorne’s portrayal of Hester as a complete person with desires and feelings, you wouldn’t expect people to take the same approach today.

How is Roger Chillingworth manipulative?

Roger Chillingworth torments Arthur Dimmesdale by questioning the cause of his mysterious illness and failing to clean Dimmesdale’s self-inflicted chest wound.

What was Hester’s greatest sin?

Adultery was Hester Prynne’s sin, which the Puritans took very seriously and often punished with death. Hester’s punishment was to be publicly shamed for three hours on a scaffold and to wear a scarlet letter “A” on her chest for the rest of her life in the town.

How did Dimmesdale punish himself?

Dimmesdale begins to physically torture himself by scourging himself with a whip, fasting, and holding extended vigils, during which he stays awake all night meditating on his sin; he decides to hold a vigil on the scaffold where Hester had suffered for her sin years before.

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What is Chillingworth’s real name?

Roger Chillingworth is a fictional character who appears in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel The Scarlet Letter (1850). He is the vengeful cuckolded physician husband of Hester Prynne, the protagonist.

Does Chillingworth want revenge on Hester?

Chillingworth doesn’t seek vengeance or plot evil against Hester because he knows she’ll have to live with her sin in the open, and that’s enough retribution for him.

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