Readers ask: How Does The Journey End Fifa 18?

FIFA 18 The Journey: Hunter Returns walkthrough – all Journey rewards, objectives, and story choices explained

The Journey: Hunter Returns sees the return of FIFA’s dedicated story mode, as well as Alex Hunter. This year’s Journey is divided into six Chapters, with a brief Prologue at the start, and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the season-long story.
The Journey is made up of training, matches, conversations, and cutscenes, and as you improve Alex Hunter’s attributes, his Overall rating will rise. Instead of focusing on ‘winning’ or ‘losing,’ your goal is to strike a balance between popularity with your manager and followers. Making them unhappy will result in less playing time and, eventually, the eviction.
In The Journey, you’re rewarded for keeping your manager and fans happy. Fierce responses in publicly broadcast dialogue will gain you more followers, while cool options in any situation the manager is aware of will make him happier. Manager happiness determines whether you’re kept or sold, played or not.

How does the journey FIFA 18 end?

Hunter returns to London after the play-offs, having presented Kim with their grandfather’s prized football, and learns of interest from three European clubs: Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid, and Paris St. Germain, with you choosing your next move from that trio.

How long is FIFA 18 journey?

How long does The Journey take? – The Journey should take no more than 20 hours to complete, which includes performing each training session and match manually without using any simulations and completing the longest possible story arc. It should be completed by the end of the season, which should be in late May at the latest.

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How long does it take to finish the journey FIFA 19?

Again, FIFA 19 The Journey Champions is a lengthy campaign to complete; if you complete all training exercises (which you should), the story can take up to 20 hours to complete, and that’s before you factor in time spent customizing and interacting with social media.

Is FIFA the journey finished?

EA Sports has confirmed that Alex Hunter’s journey will come to an end in FIFA 19, and creative director Matt Prior explained why in an interview with Gamereactor at EA Play.

What happens if you fire Michael FIFA 18?

Fire Michael or keep him on – this is the chapter’s most important decision; firing Michael means he’ll never return, whereas keeping him means he’ll stay as your agent for the rest of the game and occasionally appear in the story.

Should I side with Ringo or Michael?

When playing as Danny, you’ll have to choose between Michael and Ringo; we recommend choosing Michael, though to be honest, things still don’t go well for Danny. In the 1v1, you’ll have to decide whether to play as Alex or Kim; it doesn’t really make a difference here, so go with your gut.

Does FIFA 18 have a story mode?

FIFA 18: The Journey – Hunter Returns is a story-driven mode in FIFA 18. It follows Alex Hunter, who won the FA Cup in FIFA 17 and returns in FIFA 18.

Does FIFA 20 have journey?

The Journey, a cinematic story mode that concluded character Alex Hunter’s story in FIFA 19, has been removed from FIFA 20. Volta is a Portuguese word that means “return,” as well as a type of soccer played in the streets, which is how many of the game’s biggest players learned the game in their hometowns. It’s all about street games.

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How many chapters is FIFA 20 journey?

This year’s installment of The Journey is only four chapters long, plus a prologue.

Which FIFA has the best journey?

The Journey, FIFA 17’s new story mode, is without a doubt the game’s most significant new mode since Ultimate Team, and while we go over the game’s other major changes in our main FIFA 17 guide, The Journey stands out above all.

What happened to FIFA the journey?

The Journey is over for Alex Hunter and his pals, and we’ll miss the decision-driven drama in FIFA 20. It doesn’t appear that The Journey will return in FIFA 20, with EA’s next football game instead focusing on the new Volta street football mode.

Will FIFA 21 have Alex Hunter?

There are currently no plans to bring The Journey back for future versions of FIFA, but Hunter and Williams both made cameo appearances in Volta Football in FIFA 20.

What happens if Alex Hunter wins the Champions League?

If you win the final as Hunter, you’ll immediately approach Toro and Li-Li after the whistle has blown; how they treat you will be determined by decisions you made earlier in the game, but it won’t affect the game’s ending.

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