Red Dead Redemption 2 Fast Travel Locations?

Where can you fast travel from rdr2?

You can unlock Fast Travel in RDR2 by upgrading your gang’s camp after the start of Chapter 2: Horseshoe Overlook. Note: You’ll need $545 to unlock the Fast Travel map. Go to The Heartlands to make an easy $500 or to Treasure Maps to make an easy $100. Here’s how to unlock Fast Travel Map in your camp.

Is there fast travel in Red Dead Redemption 2?

There are two ways you can fast travel in Red Dead Redemption 2, but you can’t just open up the map, choose a location and whisk yourself away at the drop of a hat. The first fast travel method you’ll encounter is travelling by stagecoach or hopping on a train.

How much does fast travel cost in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Actual fast travelHead to the icon in camp that looks like a briefcase with a dollar sign on it. (It says “Donate to camp” when you hover over it on your map.) There are three upgrades to purchase on the lodging page. The second one, “Next in Line,” costs $325 and says that “Arthur wants a map to help plan journeys.”

How do you use the fast travel map in rdr2?

How to Fast Travel in Red Dead Redemption 2 –Travel

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