Soclean 2 Go Travel Cpap Equipment Cleaner?

Why is SoClean 2 Go discontinued?

Portable SoClean 2 Go: CPAP Sanitizing and Cleaner Machine. The portable SoClean unit has been discontinued by the manufacturer. The SoClean 2 Go effectively destroys 99.9% of CPAP bacteria, viruses, and mold in the mask, hose, and water reservoir without requiring the user to disassemble the equipment.

What is difference between SoClean and Soclean 2?

The Difference Between SoClean and SoClean 2. The SoClean 2 does not use water or chemicals. The SoClean 2 device does not use any chemicals or water to clean your CPAP machine. It uses ozone to clean your CPAP machine and make sure that your CPAP equipment stays completely dry and does not get messy.

Is SoClean 2 covered by insurance?

Is SoClean Covered by Insurance? It is not. However, you can use any available funds you currently have in an HSA or FSA to purchase a SoClean 2 machine. If you’re looking to have your cleaning machine covered by insurance, this is the best you can do.

Does ResMed recommend SoClean?

As of February 1, 2020, ResMed has indicated that ozone damage will void the CPAP manufacturer’s warranty. Therefore, it is recommended that SoClean not be used with ResMed CPAP machines.

Is SoClean worth buying?

SoClean 2 Cleaner ReviewsMany SoClean users admitted they weren’t in the habit of cleaning their machines as much as they should, and the SoClean was “worth the money” and is now helping them be compliant with daily cleanings.

Does the SoClean smell go away?

A: Sometimes you may experience a strong odor after running the SoClean for the first time. The odor will decrease with time. To help the odor go away faster, you may increase the cleaning time to 11 minutes for a few weeks and then decrease the time back to 7 minutes.Travel

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