Travel From Hong Kong To Macau?

How long does it take to travel from Hong Kong to Macau?

Cotaijet only operates high-speed catamarans so the journey between Hong Kong and Macau takes around 60-70 minutes. It’s advisable to arrive at the ferry terminal at least 45mins prior to departure to clear customs and passport control. There is a full border between Hong Kong and Macau.

How much does it cost to travel from Hong Kong to Macau?

The one-way ticket cost usually around 160 HKD and the round trip usually costs around 300 HKD. You can also buy tickets directly at any ferry terminal, however, depending on the time and terminal, you may find long queues.

Can I go to Macau from Hong Kong airport?

Yes. Just like arriving at the airport, you will pass through immigration control at the ferry terminal and then formally enter Hong Kong. If by bus I would go HK-Macau ferry terminal in Sheung Wan (HK Island), then take bus A11.

How much is the ferry ticket from Hong Kong to Macau?


HK (Sheung Wan) Macau Macau HK (Sheung Wan)
Super Class Economy Class
Day Sailing (Weekdays) $ 346 $ 160
Day Sailing (Weekends & Holidays) $ 371 $ 175
Night Sailing (Weekdays,Weekends & Holidays) $ 391 $ 200


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