Travel To San Juan Puerto Rico?

Is it safe to travel to Puerto Rico?

While recent government mandates may disrupt current tourism activity on the Island through March 30, keeping our visitors and residents safe is our number one priority right now.

Additionally, the government of Puerto Rico issued an Island-wide curfew for everyone, including tourists, through April 12, 2020.

Is it safe to travel to San Juan?

Most areas of San Juan are safeLocals recommend that these San Juan neighborhoods are safe during the day or night: And these neighborhoods are generally safe only during the day: Piñones, Santurce, Parque de las Palomas, La Perla (though this is debated), and Puerta de Tierra.

Can I travel to Puerto Rico?

#2: You don’t need a passport to travel to Puerto RicoPeople often ask: “Do I need a passport to go to Puerto Rico?” If you’re an American, the answer is no—after all, Puerto Rico is part of the United States.

Is San Juan a good place to vacation?

Yes, San Juan is safe and friendly. The tourist zones in Puerto Rico are safe and a police presence is visible, particularly in Old San Juan and in the resort areas of Isla Verde and Condado. Of course, common sense and basic safety measures should always be practiced.Travel

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