Tv Show About Time Travel 2016?

What is the TV show about time travel?


Tales from the Loop (2020– )

What is the show where they go back in time?

“Continuum” (seasons 1-4 on Netflix)Sixty years in the future, corporations have taken over the world. A group of terrorists travel back in time to start a class war to keep it from happening, along with a cop who tries to stop them.

Was timeless Cancelled?

Talks for a two-hour movie to wrap it up continue. Timeless has been canceled a second time at NBC. The network has decided to cancel the beloved time-travel drama from producers Sony Pictures Television Studios. The Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke drama has maintained a loyal — and vocal — fanbase.

Is timeless coming back?

NBC will bring back “Timeless” for a special two-part series finale, the network confirmed Tuesday. NBC has set no premiere date for the special, but it is expected to air around the winter holidays. “While we wish we could’ve made another dozen seasons of ‘Timeless,’ this is the next best thing,” said Ryan and Kripke.Travel

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