Us Bank Corporate Travel Card Login?

How do I pay my US Bank Corporate Card?

To make a payment:

  • Log in to Online Banking.
  • Select your credit card account and click “Make A Payment.”
  • Select the account you are paying from.
  • Select the frequency: either “Once” for a one-time payment, or “AutoPay.”
  • Complete the remaining payment information and select “Continue.”

What is US Bank Access Online?

U.S. Bank Access® Online is a proprietary payment management system which gives your program administrators the security, functionality, reliability and convenience they need to manage and report on all of your card programs with a single tool.

What is a corporate travel card?

The UCI Corporate Travel Card is an individualized charge card used primarily for UCI travel expenses. Track Expenses: The card provides a ready resource to track travel expenses—as long as the traveler remembers to charge only travel related expenses to the account.

What information do you need to log in to access online?

When logging into the U.S. Bank Access Online Mobile app, use the same organization*, user ID, and password that you use when logging into Access Online. *The “organization,” or “Organization Short Name,” is a code that identifies your company in Access Online.Travel

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