What Do You Need To Travel To Jamaica?

A visa is not required for stays in Jamaica that are less than 90 days.Passports must be valid for the entire period of time that a traveler intends to be in the country.If you are traveling from a place where yellow fever is present, you may be asked to provide proof of yellow fever vaccine at the airport.Only flying travellers are subject to a USD $35 departure tax, which is collected at the airport.

What are the entry requirements for travelling to Jamaica?

Depending on your nation of citizenship and/or residency, the entry criteria for travelers may change. When traveling to and from Jamaica, citizens of the United States must display a valid passport when departing and re-entering the country.

Where can I get further information about travelling to Jamaica?

In order to obtain further information, contact the embassy, high commission, or consulate of the nation or territory to which you will be traveling.You should also consider verifying with your transportation provider or travel business to ensure that your passport and other travel papers fulfill their criteria before leaving the country.Travelers to Jamaica should be aware of the following precautions:

How to get a Jamaican travel authorization visa?

Currently, all visitors going to Jamaica must complete the Jamaica Online Travel Authorization and submit a Covid 19 Test 72 hours before to their arrival in order to be admitted.It is possible to complete the travel authorisation process up to 8 days before your trip.What is the procedure for obtaining a Jamaican Travel Authorization Visa?In general, there are two options for obtaining your Jamaican Travel Authorization: online or by mail.

Do British citizens need a visa to visit Jamaica?

Visitors from the United Kingdom do not require a visa to enter Jamaica. Visitors are typically allowed to stay for a maximum of 90 days at a time. When you arrive in Jamaica, you will be given a departure date that will be printed in your passport. To extend your stay beyond this date, you must submit an application to the Jamaican Passport, Immigration, and Citizenship Agency (JPICA).

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