What Is Sirius Travel Link?

SIRIUS Travel Link is a premium data service provided by Sirius XM Holdings, which is also the company that owns and operates the service. Subscription fees are charged for the service, which provides access to a number of additional features not available with a normal Sirius XM Satellite Radio subscription.

What is SiriusXM Travel Link and how does it work?

It is a subscription service provided by SiriusXM® satellite radio that may deliver information on a variety of topics in the neighborhood of the car, such as weather forecasts, severe weather warnings, service stations, sporting events, and other activities. Services such as SiriusXM Travel Link are only accessible in vehicles that have been fitted with the Sensus Navigation system.

What SiriusXM services does Sync 3 offer?

As an option, SYNC® 3 may offer SiriusXM Traffic and SiriusXM Travel Link® services via satellite from SiriusXM if the vehicle is equipped with the optional Navigation system (requires active subscription). 34 This collection of services keeps you up to speed on the traffic situation, weather forecast, sports, and entertainment information that you care about the most..

What is SiriusXM infotainment?

SiriusXM On-Demand Satellite Radio. Everything you need to know about your car is there at your fingertips. SiriusXM provides traffic, weather, fuel prices, sports scores and schedules, movie listings, stock prices, and other information straight to the navigation systems of many automobiles.

What does SiriusXM Travel Link provide?

With SiriusXM Travel Link, you may receive extensive information that is easily linked into your vehicle’s navigation system, allowing you to stay informed while on the road.

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What does Sirius Travel Link cost?

SiriusXM Travel Link is available for $1.99 per month. See the terms and conditions below for further information. Provides precise information on the weather, gasoline, parking, and other topics that is smoothly incorporated into your vehicle’s GPS system.

Does SiriusXM include navigation?

Is SiriusXM a service that provides traffic navigation and other features? We do, in fact. In addition to providing incredible entertainment material, SiriusXM also provides a range of traffic and weather information.

Can Sirius radio track a vehicle?

If you have a current SiriusXM Guardian or Uconnect Access subscription, you can use the service.

How does SiriusXM NavTraffic work?

NavTrafficTM is a subscription-based service that integrates with the Navigation System to offer real-time traffic data. This information is acquired from a number of sources and is used to warn drivers about occurrences such as traffic jams, accidents, and closed roads, among other things, in real time.

How do I activate Sirius Travel Link?

To access SiriusXM Travel Link via your touchscreen, choose the Apps symbol from the Feature bar and then select the SIRIUS Travel Link icon from the drop-down menu. When the next page opens, choose the symbol for the service you desire to use from the drop-down menu, and SYNC will display the service’s details on your touchscreen.

Does SiriusXM offer senior discounts?

SiriusXM does not give a senior discount to its subscribers.

What is SiriusXM movies?

Music and movie listings are provided by SiriusXM Travel Link, which also provides weather reports, sports scores, fuel prices, and stock market information to subscribers. This collection of services works in conjunction with your vehicle’s navigation system to locate local destinations and can even lead you there.

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What is the difference between Sirius and SiriusXM?

The sole difference between these two is the cost of the items they sell. A month’s subscription to XM Radio costs $9.95, whereas Sirius Radio costs $12.95 per month and has just 120 stations to choose from.

Does SiriusXM track your location?

If you access the Services through an Internet-enabled device with geo-location capabilities, such as certain Sirius XM radios that are enabled radios, or if you allow another person to do so, we will automatically collect Listener Usage Data and Vehicle Radio Usage Data about your use of the Services, which we will use to improve the Services and personalize your experience.

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