What Is The Safest Mode Of Travel?

Is flight the safest form of travel?

Research says no. In fact, air travel is the safest mode of transportation when compared to the number of fatal accidents attributed to automobiles, boats, and trains. On an average day, 3,287 people across the world perish in car crashes.

Which is safer plane or train?

Train accidents, like plane crashes, get a lot of attention precisely because they’re so rare. According to a 2013 study by economist Ian Savage, trains are the second-safest mode of transportation in the U.S. Between 20, the number of deaths per billion passenger-miles caused by trains was 0.43.

What’s the most dangerous form of travel?

With a rate of 212.57, riding a motorcycle is by far the most deadly way to get around – an enormous distance ahead of the second-most dangerous mode of transport – a car or light truck – with 7.28 fatalities per billion passenger miles.

Are trains a safe way to travel?

And in fact, research shows that trains are less safe than some other forms of long-distance transportation in the U.S., including commercial air travel, which is the safest. Long-haul passenger train service is nearly four times as dangerous, with 0.43 fatalities per billion passenger miles.Travel

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