When Is The Best Time To Travel To Belize?


What months are the rainy season in Belize?

The rainy season runs from June to November when annual Belize rainfall is highest. The early months of May and June when rainfall is just getting underway, are a good time to travel to Belize as you can escape the tourist rush and hotel rates tend to be lower.

How bad is the rainy season in Belize?

The rainy season runs equivalent to Belize’s low tourist season (May to mid-November). Being in Belize during this time can mean that your sunny days can be unexpectedly ruined by rain showers. The good news is that unless there is a tropical storm, showers usually only last an hour or two.

Is Belize Safe Travel 2020?

Usually, tourists aren’t the target of crime in Belize, however, in recent years crimes have been increasing in tourist areas. At the end of the day, Belize is safe to visit but practicing good personal security (i.e. traveling smart) is likely to diminish any chance of you becoming a victim of crime.

What is the hurricane season in Belize?

Reality. Yes, it is hurricane season from June until mid-November. However, historically, most hurricanes occur between August and October in Belize. Hurricanes form over a period of several days and even weeks.Travel

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