Where Did Hernan Cortes Travel To?

When Velázquez decided not to go to Mexico in 1519, Cortés was planning to lead his own expedition to Mexico. Velázquez canceled the trip. Cortés disregarded the command and proceeded to journey to Mexico nonetheless, with the intention of toppling the emperor Montezuma II at the city of Tenochtitlan, which was the capital of the Aztec empire.

Why did Hernando Cortes burn his ships?

Hernán Cortés, a Spanish adventurer, arrived in Mexico in 1519 and promptly sunk his own ships in order to guarantee that his men would follow him interior. Cortés scuttled his ships out of fear that his crew would abandon him, and the men were forced to follow him since they had no other option.

Where did Hernando Cortes go on his first voyage?

Hernan was able to travel to the New World thanks to the assistance of King Charles the Fifth. First, in the year 1504, he traveled to the island of Santo Domingo (now know as the Dominican Republic). During this moment, he had just turned 18 years old. After residing there for a period of seven years, Cortes eventually participated in the Spanish conquest of Cuba in the year 1511.

What countries did Hernan Cortes explore?

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