Where Did Mahmoud Travel In Refugee?

What event in Refugee marks the turning point in Mahmoud’s story? The event that marks the turning point in Mahmoud’s narrative is when he and his family board a boat in Turkey to begin their journey to Greece. The boat capsizes, leaving the family stranded in the icy sea and in urgent need of assistance, which does finally come to their rescue.

Because their boat sank as they were traveling from Syria to Germany, Mahmoud and his family were left adrift in the Mediterranean sea. They had been on their way to Germany.

Where did Mahmoud and his family travel overnight to seek asylum?

Mahmoud and his family arrive at the railway station, and they continue their journey to Germany by train over night. This causes him concern. In Munich, a guy with a complete name asks Youssef in flawless Arabic whether he and his family are attempting to seek asylum in Germany.

Where do Mahmoud and the other refugees March?

As they make their way into Austria, Mahmoud and the other migrants march along the roadway. They move together with the other people (full context) As Mahmoud concludes his prayer, he looks around and notices that a number of people from Austria have gathered around them. He worries (full context)

How did Mahmoud escape from Greece to Austria?

After leaving Greece, he went to Macedonia and then on to Hungary, where he narrowly escaped the authorities.He slept in the woods for twelve hours before hiring an agent to drive him to the Austrian border, where he was finally caught.After Mahmoud arrived in Austria, he was taken into custody by the Austrian police, who then made the necessary arrangements for his deportation to Germany.

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Why did Mahmoud’s family leave Damascus?

Mahmoud made the decision to evacuate his family as the fighting reached the city’s core of Damascus and airstrikes were launched in the neighborhood of their house. The family managed to escape to Lebanon, where they spent the next two years enduring appalling living circumstances before Mahmoud made the decision that he would try to make it to the safety of Europe.

How does Mahmoud travel in refugee?

Mahmoud was able to make it to an uninhabited island in Greece, where he was eventually rescued by another boat. After leaving Greece, he went to Macedonia and then on to Hungary, where he narrowly escaped the authorities. He slept in the woods for twelve hours before hiring an agent to drive him to the Austrian border, where he was finally caught.

Where did Mahmoud flee from?

However, Mahmoud’s narrative is far from typical. In the fall of 2012, the nine-year-old boy and his family evacuated their hometown of Aleppo, which is located in Syria. This marked the beginning of his remarkable trip.

Where is Mahmoud’s family traveling to?

Mahmoud has the impression that people are beginning to take notice of the refugees, and that decent people are assisting them.Train travel takes Mahmoud and his family across all of Austria, and they finally arrive in Munich, Germany, the following day.They were greeted in Germany in a manner quite similar to that which they were met with in Austria, with large groups of people attempting to assist them.

What was Mahmoud’s journey?

The Path Taken A former teacher, a doctor, a rescue worker, and a media activist recount their experiences of love, loss, and survival from within a Syrian suburb that is currently under siege. The author of this post discusses life in Syria during the ongoing civil conflict there. They conduct interviews with individuals who give the accounts of what they have seen and heard.

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How did Mahmoud leave Syria?

After their building was attacked in Syria, Mahmoud’s family came to the conclusion that it was best for them to leave the country. This choice was also influenced by the persistently hazardous and violent conditions in Syria. Along the journey, Mahmoud becomes separated from a member of his family and is forced to learn how to maintain his composure for the sake of his relatives.

When did Mahmoud leave Syria?

In 1938, Josef and his family were forced to escape Nazi Germany. In 1994, Isabel and her family were forced to evacuate Cuba, and in 2015, Mahmoud and his family were forced to flee Syria.

What sea did Mahmoud cross in Refugee?

The year is 2015, and Mahmoud the refugee is somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea. He is 11 days away from home (3) LitCharts: A Summary and Analysis of the Text. Downloads of all 1586 LitChart PDFs are available now (including Refugee).

Where is Syria situated?

Syria is a nation in southern Asia that may be reached by traveling along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Does Mahmoud find Hana in Refugee?

Mahmoud and his mother had a hard time surviving in the Mediterranean Sea, but the Greek Coast Guard is ultimately able to save them and the rest of their family. They arrive at Lesbos and continue their hunt for Hana, but they are unable to locate her there.

Why did Mahmoud want to go to Germany?

Mahmoud gives gratitude to Allah for bringing them to Austria, and with His help, he is hoping to make it all the way to Germany. When the refugees are forced to walk to Austria, Mahmoud once again demonstrates his maturity and leadership in the face of traumatic events and difficult circumstances.

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Which country are Mahmoud and his family in at the end of the chapter?

Where in the world and in what place were Mahmoud and his family waiting in line to be granted admission? Near the city of Kilis, Mahmoud and his family were standing in line at the Turkish border, waiting to be allowed entry into the country.

Who dies in refugee book?

But perhaps the most difficult choice that Josef is forced to make is the one that comes at the end of the book. When the Nazis give Rachel the option of releasing only one of her children, Josef makes the ultimate sacrifice in order to relieve Rachel of the burden of making this choice and to protect Ruthie from being sent to a concentration camp.

What does Mahmoud’s family travel on to get to Greece?

On what kind of transportation does Mahmoud’s family embark on their journey to Greece? The trip to Greece that Mahmoud’s family takes is on a rubber boat.

What is Mahmoud’s dream refugee?

Aram Mahmoud, who was just 18 years old at the time, left Syria and his family in order to pursue his ambition of competing in badminton in the Olympics by moving to the Netherlands in 2015. He did this in 2015.

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